Old Man Winter Bike Rally - Fun, Sweat and Beers

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Dirt, snow, sweat, and beer. That’s just a taste of what the Old Man Winter Bike Rally presented by Oskar Blues is all about – and it’s coming to Boulder County February 8, 2015. If you’re itching for adventure through the winter, the Old Man Winter Bike Rally is going to be the event to scratch that itch. February in Colorado is a crapshoot…there could be abundant sunshine, there could be a blizzard. Either way, we ride.

Play Lists, Race Plans and being Middle of the Pack.

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Well that's all done. My first cross season is a wrap and I'm pretty pleased with the ten that I somehow managed to do considering my three kids who ALL play soccer, coaching high school kids on bikes and doing the dishes. I'm not sure I knew what I was getting into. I surely didn't think I would be wearing a skin suit or applying chamois creme. Or wearing a side braid. I couldn't have known that I was about to embark on a sport that would reel me in like a cute boy in junior high. I fell head over cleats. 100%. All in.

Surviving the Winter as a Cyclist

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I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation lately. It’s a tough time of year for cyclists. Here in Colorado we’re stuck in the middle of a stupidly cold spell that’s kept most of us inside on the trainer for days in a row. My races seem so far off in the future, and getting on the trainer again feels equivalent to beating the crap out of my soul with a pillowcase full of soap (yes, that’s a Step Brothers reference).

"Hooray, bikes!" Mara Abbott's love for her commuter bike and more

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Boulder Cyclists, Mara Abbott shares a wonderful piece on her love affair with her commuter bike, Boulder Creek Path, and more.

"When I left, an elderly man was unlocking the bike next to mine. He looked up and said, "Hooray, bikes!" I replied, "YAY!". We grinned in communion, and thus supported, rode off to our separate days."


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