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5 Questions for Sue Prant, of Community Cycles of Boulder

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From the Daily Camera

Community Cycles is celebrating its fifth annual Holiday Bike Giveaway for kids. The nonprofit organization collects donated bikes and distributes hundreds of them for kids age 10 and under -- for free -- every December.

Many of the kids will be receiving a bike for the first time.

Local Cyclocross Racers Heading to Bend Oregon

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Local Colorado riders will be heading to Bend Oregon this weekend for the 2010 Cyclocross Nationals. A number of them have been on the podium or won National Championships and are back to be in the mix for a podium spot. We caught up with Pete Weber and Brandon Dwight of the Boulder Cycle Sport Team and Nicole Duke of the Hudz-Vista Subaru Team and asked them a few questions. Here are the questions we asked and their responses.

[303Cycling] How is the preparation going for Nationals? Are you prepared for what looks like a cold, wet and muddy affair? Any special "tricks" for these types of conditions?

[Pete Webber] I'm psyched that conditions in Bend are going to be difficult. Bad weather, mud, snow, ice, wind, anything challenging is good for me. Difficult courses and conditions really test a rider completely, and amplify mistakes. I'm ready to deal with anything that happens.

Preparation is the key. You gotta have everything dialed and feel confident in your training, bike, your tires, and your clothing. If you know your set-up is bomber, then you can just ride hard and not worry about anything else.

Racing well in mud or snow takes lots of practice and extra focus. I've been racing cross for 18 years, so I've had some time to figure it out. I've screwed up plenty of times at Nationals, but those races go into the memory banks and hopefully the lessons stay with you. Then you just try to enjoy the process and execute the plan.

Heather Irmiger and Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski Interview

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Mountain bike race season has been done for a couple months in Colorado but Heather Irmiger and Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski have had a busy fall. They traveled to New Zealand so they could both race the Single Speed World Championship (SSWC - Heather was the defending champion) and then came back to the United States and headed to Michigan for the Iceman Cometh (Jeremy was defending his title). I recently sat down with them and asked them a few questions about the SSWC, The Iceman Cometh and being a married couple making a living racing mountain bikes.

JHK Leadville 2010 - Photo Credit: 303Photo

[303Cycling] You both competed in the 2010 SSWC (Heather being the defending champion from 2009).  How did the race go this year and for the bike geeks out there what type of gearing did you run?
[Heather] SSWC 2010 went just as it should - crazy!  The start of the race went off in a very non-traditional way - true SSWC fashion.  1000 riders were corralled into a large circle and told to ride clock-wise until the gun went off at some undetermined time.  There was only one exit to the circle to get to the start of the course, so depending on where you happened to be at the signal to start, you were either almost to the exit, at the exit or just past the exit and had to ride all the way around!  And so it went - I ended up just past the exit and effectively at the back of the 1000 person race.  It was a total blast though - I was able to do some fun socializing, check out some great costumes, and then work my way up through the race.  Despite taking the beer short cut both laps, I'm not sure where I ended up - but then again, the only spot that matters in this race is the win/tattoo receiving place!  My gear was a 32/20 aboard my Superfly Single. 
[Jeremy] I had an absolute blast yet again at SSWC. I actually had a pretty good start despite the craziness and made it into the lead group on the first lap. However, Ben Bostrom and I missed the first beer-chug shortcut and lost about 2 minutes to the rest of the group - and that was it, we never caught up. We made sure to hit the rest of the beer shortcuts though, and had a ton of fun the rest of the way. I ran a 32x19 on my Fisher Collection Sawyer.

[303Cycling] I know you both competed at Iceman this year and last.  The race has become very popular.  Can you tell our readers a little about the race?
[Heather] The Iceman is such a great race - I want to do it every year regardless of my fitness level!  It's great on so many levels: it's a point to point which is such a great change from the standard multi-lap races, the course is super fast and not all that technical but somehow very entertaining - the hills, corners, trees all combine for a cool ride.  Of course, there is the uncertainty of the weather which makes it fun - it could be 55 or it could be 30 and snowing, either way you're out there testing your limits.  It's also spectacular because it caters to all skill levels - there are shorter distance options and it's not so technical that beginners can't test themselves on the long course.  Last, the fans and riders are some of the most enthusiastic and excited people on bikes.  The positive energy is contagious and you can't help but have a great time. 

Last call to help a child have a bike for Christmas

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Learn more about how you can help this Christmas a child get a bike under the tree

It's not just bikes they are in need of, see what else Community Cycles needs

BOULDER — December 6, 2010 — Community Cycles holds its fifth annual Holiday Kid’s Bike Giveaway on Sunday, Dec. 19, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Boulder Indoor Cycling, 3550 Frontier Ave.

Community Cycles, a nonprofit organization that educates and advocates for the safe use of bicycles, has about 300 refurbished bikes to give away. Last year, Community Cycles distributed 300 bikes in just three hours.

· A $25 donation is suggested per bike; however, no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

New trail in Superior -- Mayhoffer to Coalton Road

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Map of Superior side of new trail

In the last year I have discovered some of the great trails that sit south of Boulder, Dowdy Draw, Mayhoffer-Singletree Trail and High plains Greenbelt. These trails are awesome for those rides where you just want to escape and let your brain melt away, not like ones like Hall or Walker Ranch where you have to stay "on" nearly every moment. Now coming in Spring of 2011 Boulder County Openspace will be opening another trail, one that will connect Mayhoffer to Coalton Road. This means you can nearly ride from Layafette all the way to the flatirons on trails!

Preferred Denver/Boulder Massage Therapist

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It's a little more than halfway through the Cyclocross season and you might start feeling beat and a little burnt out. I think many will agree with me, a massage done by an experienced massage therapist can do wonders for the body and mind. But if you've never gone to a sports massage therapist before how do you find one? Word of mouth! My preferred therapist is an old friend and one with 18 years of experience working on many of Boulder's top athletes runners and cyclist, Kevin Jordan. He was Peter Weber's Therapist during is pro days.

Without Limits Productions - Cyclo-X Information

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Without Limits Productions put on the last cyclocross race of the season for 2009. It was the day after the 2009 Colorado State Cyclocross Championships and man it was cold. Without Limits Productions is putting on another race on November 21st and we caught up with Lance Panigutti and asked him a few questions about the new venue and what they have in store.

[303Cycling] This is a new cyclocross venue.  Tell us a little about the venue and the course?
[Lance] The venue at Union Reservoir is amazing!  Think of a smaller Boulder Rez with more trees and an old BMX track across the street.  The course offers a bit of everything; grass, hard packed pavement, asphalt, beach front, and the old BMX track.  The overall terrain is on the flat side so skilled riders will be turning some hot lap times. Both of us at Without Limits grew up in a BMX family back in New England, so the more banked turns, table-tops, and pump-tracks we can incorporate, the better.  

Obviously there is a fine line between any types of cycling course, but to us cyclocross is the melting pot of all of the cycling endurance sports. Part of the growth in the sport is due to so many facets of endurance disciplines coming together.  Look at the field make up and you'll see an even mix of roadies, mountain bikers, pure cyclocrossers, and (dare I say) even triathletes.

[303Cycling] I see you are using chip timing.  Any other out of the ordinary little differences you are doing from a typical Colorado cyclocross race?
[Lance] Last year at CYCLO X Boulder, we were the first cross race to bring in chip timing.  The feedback from the 80 brave souls who came out that day after States in freezing temps and 12 inches of snow was great.  Results were posted within 15min of each race and we were able to give out primes for the fastest lap split.  Operationally, chip timing also helps on the back end with results and lapped riders, especially as field sizes approach 80+. Overall, chip timing is a feature to enhance the athlete’s experience, not the foundation of a quality event.  

Help Kids have a bike for Christmas

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Before you start going Christmas shopping crazy take a moment and think about that feeling you had when you got your first bike.

[You should be thinking here]

Snap back! Some families this year don't have the luxury to get their child a bike even though they may be ready and old enough for it due to their financial situation. Please take the time to read how you can help a girl or boy this Christmas in you local area. Comments are strongly welcome if you know of similar programs in the Denver area!

Longmont Times - Bicycles needed for holiday program

LONGMONT — Got a spare bike taking up space in the garage? Why not donate it for a good cause?

The Ed & Ruth Lehman YMCA needs used and new bikes to give away to low-income families at its annual holiday bike distribution.

Children’s bikes — those with 12-, 16-, 20- or 24-inch wheels — are particularly needed.

“We’ve got more 10-speeds and more three-speeds than we can possibly use,” said Buzz Feldman, the program’s coordinator for more than 20 years.

Cross'n it up at night in Denver

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By avid reader, John Philips
Cyclocross is alive and kicking in the South Denver Suburbs! At BikeSource in Highlands Ranch we have a Wednesday night cyclocross ride that starts at 6pm. Hans, our store manager, begins by loading up his Surly Big Dummy cargo bike with portable barriers, his cyclocross bike and snacks from Whole Foods in Highlands Ranch (one of our awesome sponsors). We cruise over to one of several local parks and set-up a mini cross course. Once the course is ready, we do a slow lap so everyone knows the course. Then we’ll do 2-3 fast laps. To catch our breath, we relax for a few minutes and enjoy the snacks—this week it was hot apple cider and ginger snaps! After snacktime, we usually do some skill work. Hopping barriers, cornering, and transitions are commonly addressed. Some nights we’ll run another set of hot laps. We then pack up and ride casually back to the shop.
Anyone is welcome—we ride mostly cyclocross bikes but also some folks ride mtn bikes. Dress warmly, as it is getting chilly once the sun goes down. Good front and rear lights are important to see the course.


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