New Enduro style of Mountain Biking is taking off in Colorado

Whether you have seen it or not, mountain biking has been exploding in Colorado over the past year and if you want proof, stop by Winter Park on a weekend and sometimes you will see lift lines longer than they are on Presidents day. Very interesting article and what this could mean to the landscape of "mountain biking" in the future


Enduro races — now found almost every weekend and clogged with everyday riders — marry downhill technique with modest cross-country endurance and are opening competition to those who fall shy of Olympic-level fitness.

"The normal person can't train enough to be competitive in the cross country field anymore," said Dan O'Connell, director of Bike Granby Ranch, which this summer launched an enduro race series. It joined ski areas such as Winter Park, Snowmass and Utah's Snowbird in offering new school enduro races.

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