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MTB Thursday - Big Mountain Enduro Racing: Get it While It’s Hot.

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Author: Cheri Felix

So Enduros are multi stage, multi day races. The moto world has been on this bandwagon for a long time. There are five to eight stages over two days. Each stage is a timed trial with the transition stages (the time where you get to your next starting location) untimed. You can either shuttle, pedal or take a ski lift to the next time trial location. With me so far? The person with the lowest time overall wins that race. Easy peasy right? The race is in Crested Butte will take advantage of the amazing Evolution Bike Park.

MTB Thursday - No Cyclocross bikes at this years Winter Park Hill Climb

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victory on Winter Park HC years ago

Winds of change are coming to the Winter Park Hill Climb this year as any bike besides a mountain bike is being strongly discouraged according to their marketing email. As a former winner of the Winter Park Hill Climb myself while using a cross bike I feel this is a good public statement for them to make to clear up any ambiguity of what bike to use.

Beti Bike Bash: It’s Not Too Late

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Photo Credit: Jendz

About this time two years ago I stumbled upon the Beti Bike Bash registration page. It was two days before the race and I thought, ‘What the hell do I have to lose?” It turns out nothing. And it also turns out that it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

CU Short Track Series comes to Valmont Bike Park this summer

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Photo Credit: Sage06

After more than 10 years at the University of Colorado Boulder (CU) Research Park, the CU Cycling Club is partnering with the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation to host their annual CU Short Track Series at the Valmont Bike Park.


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