Do MTB trails improve with age as they become more challenging?

Yes, let time takes its toll and don't sanitize the trails
No, without maintenance many riders will stop riding them
Total votes: 97


Kris, I know you mean well

Kris, I know you mean well and like to stir up debate but I think especially for the sake of productive discussion it might be a good idea to avoid over-simplifying and polarizing the issues in this manner on these polls. The trails issue, particularly, is not an "either-or" situation. I prefer to leave technical elements in trails wherever possible, HOWEVER that also does not preclude *responsible* maintenance to stabilize mud holes, prevent erosion, etc. I think the whole "you're doing it wrong" mentality of divisive trail debate here in the Front Range completely glosses over the fact that it is no longer 1985. There is too much traffic, too much user conflict, too much pressure from administrations who perceive MTB use to be "the problem", and too much wear and tear on the trails in general (regardless of who's causing it) to just "let them evolve naturally". The demands of local government and user needs require a sensible middle ground approach.

It's not okay to advocate the kind of wild-west DIY mentality that accepts poaching and eroded-out social trails anymore. It presents the wrong impression of cycling, perpetuates bad dialogue, and beyond that, those days are long gone in this region. That being said, I absolutely DO NOT agree with building Valmont Park in the middle of the woods either. I don't like the fact that Heil Ranch is becoming a watered-down, over-built resort simulacrum. That's also not an acceptable solution. We need to work together with advocacy groups like BMA, land use administration and IMBA trail building specialists to figure out what the right compromise is.