Tuesday Coffee Talk - Why does the competitive cycling season try to start so early?

Stazio was postponed, the Oredigger Classic was canceled, this isn't the first time Spring races have received a nasty blow my Mother Nature, historically Colorado Koppenberg commonly gets postponed due to weather. Yet when was the last time there were any road events that were canceled in late August due to weather? For many road racers if they can make it to Labor Day without burning out than that is the time "roadies" usually hang it up. Why is that? Why do we start so early and end early? I guess one logical reason is cyclocross starts up after Labor day and trying to complete against cross is bad cycling business. Is it? Road events compete against MTB events and Track events so why can't they overlap on CX events. With a few exceptions September's weather is near perfect for roadies. Plus with a season that starts in March means if you want to be competitive than you have to have your act together in January, JANUARY! And due to that cycling looses a lot of cyclists to skiing.

So why can't the entire road calendar shift by 1 month out?

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Let's take a trip in Mr.

Let's take a trip in Mr. Peabody's Wayback Time Machine. There was a day when practically all races were put on by clubs, not 'promoters'. Racers had a real incentive to join clubs, otherwise they'd face a $5 per day unattached racer fee. It wasn't so easy to just start up your own team, as it wasn't really feasible to get 5 guys together and buy custom matching kit due to the cost. Of course, these days we have lots of small clubs, most of which don't have the membership to run even a simple TT. So, clubs have to band together, or beg for volunteers, to put on races.

Bring the early burn-out.

I love the early season. for several reasons:

1. I recognize that the college kids need to race during the school year. More power to them. I consider these "training races" or "races that I will come cheer all of you on" races.
2. For those chomping at the bit to race at Christmas, fantastic. Do it. Personally, I was just suffering a humiliating/albeit rewarding cross season.
3. For those who DO like to kick it early (you type-a cyclists...which pretty much means 86% of you) fanTAStic! Burn yourselves out quickly so I can have a wonderful second half of July/August, thereby getting myself prepped for another cx season.


I don't think they should

I don't think they should start later, but maybe not lump so two races into one weekend. This would make the season last longer, still have the same amount of races. I don't think it matters that it overlaps cross season, since it already does that for MTB. I do teh early races with little fitness, just to support the races, but have no intentions of doing very well at that them at all. No matter how they do the races, I will partake in as many as possible, just to support our local teams and to keep racing alive.


The races are all collegiate early in the season and if it were possible I would like the season start even earlier. The collegiate season is so crammed with three races every single weekend and its unfortunate that we can't start earlier.

the racing season is great as

the racing season is great as is.

1. collegiates race during this time of year, and they offer some amazing courses to the general population
2. with a family, it's a lot easier to go racing on a moderately nice day in the Spring than ditch my family in the summer so I can go play bike racer
3. the numbers show that the Spring is when most people want to race. It's not fatigue that sets in mid-summer, it's life and the opportunities to go hit the mountains and have fun doing other stuff
4. the summer schedule tends to lend itself towards more mountainous courses that limit the racers that can do well OR crits in blistering heat. Neither of which is all that much fun for the majority
5. we have some sick mountain bike racing out here and for the most part, me and my family would rather head up to Breck, WP, Vail, etc for a long weekend over Laramie (DD), Idaho Springs (Mt. Evans), etc.

The spring racing is a great way to have some fun while the weather is mediocre, take a nice break during part of the summer and gear back up for some fall racing.