Wishing CX nationals date was still in December?

Total votes: 104


about the 10

Very high probability these athletes have coaches with a very structured training plans, above average motivation, sponsors, comrades/teammates and/or resources provided to train/ride with far beyond the amateur Crosser who doesn't travel to Worlds.

Having an extra race or two between mid-December and the first week in in January probably contributes very little to physiological performance on the bike for Nats in January unless they all but stop training, only another potential 3 weeks of motivation. To paraphrase others, "they should probably be racing in EU then if they're serious about contending at Worlds?"

These "10-12" folks are very much at the top of the bell curve as compared to the majority of US CX racers. Now that Louisville is past, which I think was a primary driver of moving Nats to January, I don't see a logical argument to hold the rest of the US CX population hostage. It's not a lack of support for those going to represent across the pond, its a matter of practicality of the majority.

Also, chances are high Nats promoters/cities will get a larger turnout mid-December b/c the fall off in attrition that happens after State Championships will be less and people will still be riding their peak/wave of fitness and enthusiasm from their respective States right into Nats. Not to mention the lack of potentially bitter January temps that can squelch enthusiasm of even the highly motivated crosser (albeit not an upcoming concern for Austin or NC).