Gebhardt Automotive Cycling Classic

Boulder, CO (Dec. 29, 2013) Colorado cyclists will put their winter training to the test at the Gebhardt Automotive Cycling Classic on February 22, 2014. The racecourse will follow roads around Carter Lake in Loveland, which is a popular training ground for Front Range cyclists.

The Gebhardt Automotive Cycling Classic is the first race on the 2014 Colorado calendar. It is also the inaugural year for the race. Race director Adelaide Perr, owner of Be the Beast Racing, LLC, is partnering with Mark Bockmann, owner of local race timing company RaceRite, LLC, to organize the event. The elite event will feature 4 laps, totaling 70 miles.

“The excitement of the local racers is contagious. It keeps me working hard to put together the best race possible and also makes me wish I could race myself,” said Perr. “The support we are getting from local companies is phenomenal. We are working with top-notch businesses to provide riders with a fun experience, along with a challenging course on race day.”

Gebhardt VW and BMW are the race’s title sponsors, a partnership that reflects their support of cyclists. Osmo Nutrition will provide hydration for the feed zone. iSupportU has provided its services for branding, website, and logo development. Other sponsors include Lucy Conklin Realty, FasCat Coaching, Beer and Bike Tours, Velo Zephyr, Green Guru, RecoFit Compression Gear, and Pearl Izumi.

Community members can sign up to volunteer on the race website, As the race details get finalized, they will be available on the website and the Gebhardt Automotive Cycling Classic Facebook Page.

Adelaide Perr
adelaide AT bethebeastracing DOT com

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Yes, do extend the road season

Not sure about CX in Feb but why not extend the road season into Sept and Oct? Sure it competes with CX. Would opponents say there isn't room for competition in local cycling? There is/has been a CX race in March/April in Eagle county

The ugly part of this is the poor collegiate souls who really don't have much of a choice in the matter, they have to go early in the road season.


Interesting. Carter was my favorite road race back in the day. I always placed better when the weather was bad, which was often (snow, wind, you name it). Ah, but I'm older and not as fast anymore, damnit. I can't imagine I'll be worth a whole lot, bike fitness-wise, at the end of February, but if enough of the whiners here don't show up, I might have a chance! I do think there is a high probability that the race won't happen due to weather, but looks like we have until 2/19 to register online.

Promoters: Can you state your inclement weather cancellation and refund policy, please? Don't see it on the flyer.