USA Pro Cycling Challenge Changes name again

From Chamois News

BOULDER, CO (CN) – The USA Pro Cycling Challenge, formerly known as the Quiznos Pro Challenge, has gone through a few name changes in the past year. While some of the changes have been made to accommodate sponsors, others have been made to hopefully improve the branding and name recognition of the event – catering to longer-term goals for the future. As the event kicks off in Colorado Springs, Colorado on the 22nd of this month the anticipation is high for the first major cycling event in the State of Colorado since the Coors Classic in 1988.

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Tour of Colorado Trade Name Sold?

VIP passes for all at Chamois News at any, "Race Formally Known as Whatever..." to any stage. But wait, I've been told there aren't any left! I personally got invited then "uninvited" for a VIP pass becasue there "may not be any left." Really? Then why are hotel room nights not selling as expected, at least in Colorado Springs?

This is the best one I've heard, and believe me, alot has been happening with the "Tour of Colorado" Trade Name owned by Sand Creek Sports, Inc. lately! for the real story.

What a mess!

Andy Bohlmann

What a shame that something

What a shame that something couldn't have been worked out to call it what it rightly should be, "Tour of Colorado". Either Andy is being greedy and asking a boat load of $$$$ or organizers are being stupid for not pressing the issue in court. I'm glad I don't own a tour guide company in Colorado, I would be sued if I offered a package bus "Tour of Colorado" Andy and the organizers need to quit acting like congress and do what is best for promoting cycling in Colorado.


Andy Bohlmann here, again.

Please read the "About the Tour" article in my first comment.

I have done all I can to help with the "Tour of Colorado" name, and now I'm getting slammed. I've had great legal help and at this level, that's what this is all about, believe me!

The real point of all this is, and I've said that the first time in '07 when I was in the Governor's Office in Denver, is that Colorado needs a real stage race, no matter what the name.