Newbie Bike Etiquette - If in a crit you get dropped from the field do you..

Pull out and call it a day?
Ride on until the ref blows the whistle?
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Here's another way to think

Here's another way to think of it;

If you get dropped in a crit at the beginning, you have almost no shot at making it up and are getting in the way. It's not an attitude thing, or a fitness thing because in both cases, you SIMPLY aren't strong enough. Riding for another 30-45 minutes at a slower than the field pace IS GUARANTEED NOT TO MAKE YOU STRONG ENOUGH TO RIDE WITH THE FIELD LATER ON IN THE YEAR.

Do yourself a favor, drop off and explore the area around the race venue if possible or put some hard efforts into your trainer. Come back to the next race stronger, try again.

If you get lagged toward the end and there's not much time, THEN do EVERYTHING you can to catch back on, as that is worthwhile fitness and you stand a VERY minimal chance of bothering/interfering and causing safety hazards.