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    First off I am not sure who Chris is but I posted the story. The story was from Jan 28th 2015. It does reference the 2012 NY Gran Fondo but it also mentions events from 2014 which if my math is correct was less than 1 year ago.

    I would like to answer your questions

    1. Are trying to drum up some page views
    Sure. Thats what websites do. More page views translates to more ad views etc etc. But that being said I thought the article was interesting and pertinent.

    2. Just like stirring the pot
    Sure. See answer #1.

    3. Feel inadequate because you could never make it as a masters racer
    Thats laughable. I would like to be faster than I am but work and family have slowed me down. Could I ever be a competitive masters racer? No. I just dont have the the genetics. At best I am a middle of the pack Cat3 but I do love to ride my bike.

    As far as moderating the comments we receive email for every comment that gets posted and there are times we remove a comment that is over the edge.


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    This type of 'article' is a disservice to the cycling community and a perfect example of why this site is so bad. You post no content and link to an article which has no relevance to any 'rise in masters doping'. Did you even read the article and notice it's talking about stuff from 3-4 years ago?

    I suspect you:

    1. Are trying to drum up some page views
    2. Just like stirring the pot
    3. Feel inadequate because you could never make it as a masters racer

    Providing a largely un-moderated (at least until you see this post) forum for people to make anonymous baseless accusations serves nobody.

    Look if you think someone is doping, contact usada:

    Don't post a bunch of crap speculation because of someone's occupation because they are faster than you.

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    lol if you believe either of those.

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    There's no P12 doping. You gotta to have a real job and lots of discretionary income to afford that crap.

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    Thanks, Kris Thompson of 303cycling for acknowledging the complexities advocacy must navigate - as in this example of Legislative activity.

    CO can be proud to have led all other states in the number of state laws for bicycling passed in our state legislature. Coincidentally, I was at the RMRC team night and very unexpectedly got to see friend and former state senator, Greg Brophy. Greg is the legislator that sponsored more bicycle related laws than any other legislator - something he can be very proud of.

    Due to term limits, Sen. Brophy was not eligible to run for re-election. He is now Chief of Staff for one of our Congressmen in D.C. I'll have a chance to meet his federal legislative staff in D.C. in March.

    Finally, GOCO (Great Outdoors Colorado) has funded many paths/trails - like the Platte River trail from Douglas county to Adams county, through the heart of Denver and neighboring communities.

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    Which "he" are you referring to, either of the two men alluded to above, or just any generic Boulder or Colorado cycling clown?

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    No matter what some Boulder or Colorado clown tells me, I'm sure he dopes and his accomplishments are meaningless. Even my friends, gf, etc... say, "yes, he dopes." So go train, buy nice bikes, do whatever, nobody cares...we all think you dope.

    Steel Columbus SLX Tubing bike > yours, even after your blood transfusion

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    You say it is just regurgitation and that is partly true but we can't ignore the past of how for many years we took a blind eye the problem and now that some control is starting to take place we can't simple stop the conversation. Ignore it if you like but we must continue to fight and work for a clean sport from top to bottom.

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    wonder if there's anything to one of the more famous, more accomplished Masters racers in CO working at a company that specializes in "hormone therapy"?