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    Not-So-Random thought: here's how to really grow 'cross here in CO... 1) combine a category or two such that we can have at least one, maybe two, less races for the day 2) plan MORE time between the remaining races, allowing for a folks to get two full laps of pre-ride AND time for the judges to score the previous race, BUT NO ONE pre-rides during the race, and 3) with all that extra scoring time, NO ONE gets pulled except in the elite races.

    Racing in a 80-100 rider field wouldn't be nearly as bad an idea if you didn't think you'd get pulled within the first half of your race.

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    I raced at Cowboy Cross and agree, it was a very fun course. However, the head ref that day was terrible and ended up pulling nearly HALF the C group field, and did it haphazardly.

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    E Bikes are motorcycles. Keep them off bike paths. There's already enough idiots riding on the paths in their drops and tt bars, looking for KOM's. We don't call electric cars, horse and buggy.

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    How could the driver not be at fault? The driver was entering the roadway and therefore must yield to oncoming traffic. Stopping does not create a right to then suddenly enter the roadway. Obviously if the cyclist rammed the side of the car it was because the driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic!

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    So the car was stopped at the stop sign, then started pulling out into the lane and stopped again, obviously blocking the lane!

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    You're right on one point, waaay wrong on the other. A series of flags at the S/F is no way to indicate the course status to someone who isn't at the S/F. Most people pre-ride the entire course, so they can't see the flags most of the time.

    Where you're wrong is admitting you're riding in front of the next race. See Roscoe's post earlier: ride BEHIND the race and get off the course well before the leaders ever get close to catching you. If you MUST pre-ride multiple laps to be able to safely race on a given course, then maybe you should practice more such that you can react to course conditions as you first see them, not needing to memorize every rock/bump/twist/turn... Seeing a course for the first time shouldn't be that big a deal.

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    I think I'll refrain from reading the comments section on this one.

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    I think BRAC needs to come up with a better way to indicate whether the course is clear to pre ride. Whether it's a couple of blasts of an air horn, or a series of Red/Green flags, on at the Start, one in the pit/backside of course.

    Most of us are trying to do the right thing, if we are riding 3-4 minutes ahead of the next race, we will not disrupt/factor into the race, but once on course, there is no way to know that the race has started behind and that the course is now closed.