Colorado Bike to Work Day lives on in spite of Smoke & Heat

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This year's Bike to Work Day in Colorado lost a little luster when compared to last year's recorded number of 23,000 participates with this year so far showing a little over 17,000. For some smoke and heat along with their attention was more on the Colorado fires than biking.

Local Media Coverage

- Denver Post
- Daily Camera

Tips for Bike to Work Day on June 27th

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With Bike to Work Day coming up on June 27th, check out this great article from the Cyclist Lawyer, Megan Hottman: Tips for Bike Commuting

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As Bike to Work Day (BTWD approaches here in Denver, I thought I would share some of the tips and tricks I learned from my years of commuting to work in various cities:

1. Be willing to swim against the stream. In 2004-2006 I was commuting from the suburbs of Kansas City, Kansas into the heart of downtown Kansas City, MO -and the courthouse where I worked still allowed people to smoke INSIDE the courthouse. Needless to say, rolling in on a bike wearing spandex raised LOTS of eyebrows and I was met with much resistance. "Why would you ride to work when you can drive?" they'd ask me. I just kept at it -and eventually people came to accept my "odd habit" and then came to expect it- "why didn't you ride in today," they'd ask when they'd see me drive. You can make people into believers -even if initially they are skeptical. Lead by example. You'll be amazed at the impact your example can have on others.

[Once I moved to Colorado, I was commuting from Lakewood to the Courthouse in Golden -of course cycling was widely accepted here, but I still got some looks of curiousity as I'd wheel my bike through security into the elevator each morning and into our office. After that job, I commuted from Lakewood to Boulder (I'd drive 1/2way to Arvada and ride the rest, which still made for a 50-mile round trip ride). This job luckily had a shower in our building and I could stow my bike in my office. I was always blessed with understanding -and patient- bosses, who allowed me a bit of leeway to do this].

Read more of Megan's nine tips for bike commuting:
Tips for Bike Commuting

For more information on Bike to Work Day, and to register for great prizes, visit Bike to Work Day

Check out all of the local breakfast stations at BikeToWork Stations

Boulder/Denver Bike & Trail maps and Colorado Bike Maps

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Whether you are a first timer on the road or trails in the Denver/Boulder area or a seasoned cyclists, there are always new routes to take and areas to explore. Start your sense of exploration with one of the many Boulder and Denver Bike and Trail maps and for the real adventureous check out the Colorado Cycling map as well. Many of these maps can be ordered in print format if the download size is too challenging to work with or if you are like myself and prefer a good old fashion map in your lap in the evenings to gaze upon and dream up new routes and rides.

Regional Boulder/Denver Bike Map


Boulder Maps

Boulder County Comprehensive bike map of routes including Boulder City and Longmont. (Large but worth it)
This Boulder County Map shows

  • traffic level and surface condition
  • shoulder width
  • some topography and off road trails
  • Boulder city break out
  • must have for newcomers and great for gifts

Similar Boulder Bike Maps

This Fathers' Day Weekend Bicycle Longmont Brings Back the Family Friendly G'Knight Ride

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Longmont welcomes the 2nd annual G'Knight Ride this Saturday, June 16th.

After the HUGE success of the first event in 2011, Bicycle Longmont is working hard to make an even better G'Knight Ride in 2012.

The G'Knight Ride is a celebration of cycling, and is meant for cyclists of all ages, sizes, and abilities. The Ride is a great excuse to dust off that old 10-speed, mountain bike, or cruiser and hop on with 1,500+ other riders on a great evening tour.

Boulder Police Looking for VW Van Suspected in Hit-and-Run that Injured Bicyclist

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From the Daily Camera:

Boulder Police Looking for VW Van Suspected in Hit-and-Run that Injured Bicyclist

Boulder police are looking for a green Volkswagen van they suspect was involved in a hit-and-run accident that injured a female cyclist last month.

The accident happened around 3:12 p.m. May 11 in the area of Spruce and 15th streets. The 51-year-old cyclist was riding north on 15th Street when a female driving a Volkswagen camper van passed her and made a right turn in front of her, according to a news release.

Biking in Boulder -- Let's keep innovating

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From the Daily Camera

by Sue Prant is Advocacy Director at Community Cycles

What do we need to do get more people out of cars and feeling comfortable riding bikes? Three things: a greater culture of cycling; completion of Boulder's bike system (including multi-use trails and bike lanes); and a dedicated vision for Boulder's future that includes innovative transportation ideas.


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