Repairs to Coal Creek Trail start this month

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Colorado Daily

The timeline will largely be dictated by the amount of unauthorized trail use the area gets, Louisville City Manager Malcolm Fleming said.

"We are sending out information to all adjacent property owners; we have signage on the trail, we have barricades on the trail," Fleming said. "Violations may result in fines up to $1,000.

Denver B-cycle says winter schedule a success!

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"Ridership this winter reached 35 percent of peak season activity and there were days during the winter season when the daily number of trips exceeded average summertime use," said Bohnenkamp. Overall, 42,000 trips were taken during the three-month period from Dec. 15, 2013 through March 15, 2014.

Need help becoming a bike commuter and not just a recreational rider? Join a Commuter Team

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Photo Credit: Bike Portland

"Commuting by bike is easy, nothing like doing intervals or racing. I'd do it but I fill in the excuses here"

Ya commuting is easy and it's not, reminds me of Gloria's Fortune cookie she talked about in her article Surviving the Winter as a Cyclist where the fortune cookie said, "Begin, the rest is easy"!

Going carless in Denver with B-cycle and car sharing

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Interesting to hear other people's experiences of going car-less or at least no car ownership in this case below. I think for many the ability to hear other peoples experience helps take the fear away of someday making the leap themselves and knowing that others are making it happen too.

Denver Post


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