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Asfaw Family Foundation International donates 300 bikes to Denver students

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Photo Credit: Amy Welnak
300 bikes donated to Denver students and these are just the pink ones!

Interesting article today in the Denver post how a few Denver students in elementary and middle schools received 300 bikes from the Asfaw Family foundation. This is going to cause confusion at the school's bike racks!

Colorado Feeding hunger by Bike

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The Boulder/Denver area is helping curb hunger this Thanksgiving season by bike. Great to see these already wonderful acts of kindness that normally take place by the auto culture is now be shifted to the fun and friendly cycling community. Good citizens around the 303 area are turning to human powered transportation to execute their holiday kindness of collecting and transporting food to those in need. Here is what is going down in your community!

- The Mindful Bike Store located at 3509 E 12th Avenue, Denver, CO 80206 is collecting food donations now thru Nov 19th. On the 20th they will load up some cargo bikes and pedal the food down to Food Bank of the Rockies. PLEASE stop by their shop this week and drop off your non-perishable food items!. If you have a cargo bike and want to help out this cause then be sure to contact the good folks at Mindful Bikes
Learn more about Mindful Bikes's Food Mission

From Alliance for Biking and Walking

Coffee Talk Tuesday - What's keeping you from commuting by bike more?

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This week's coffee talk has to do with perceived barriers to commuting, why don't more Colorado cyclists use cycling for more than just a recreational experience? Coffee talk discussion gives me the chance to rant and you a chance to fire back with your 2 or 4 cents.

This past Tuesday I broke the rules, while on business travel to Milwaukee I elected to not get a rental car but instead commute from hotel to office by bike. It was only a little over 2 miles on what I would consider a fair road, should have been easy, right? Not exactly.

The first obstacle was finding an actual bike to ride. In Boulder and Denver we have bike sharing in most of the business districts and many of the big hotels have complementary bikes for the patrons to use, so for someone to attempt this here would seem like a no brainer. In Milwaukee there is no bike sharing program and there were no complementary bikes at my hotel. There was also no bike shop within a ten mile radius, where I could rent a bike. So, I had to appeal to a co-worker to lend me his bike. Bike in hand, I thought this is going to be great, my 100th day of commuting by bike to work this year will take place in Milwaukee! But obtaining a bike wasn't my only obstacle.

VeloSwap coming next week, Oct 22

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VeloSwap is coming to Denver Oct 22. If you haven't been to a VeloSwap in the past then you will be blown away by the magnitude of this huge bike orgy. They have new bikes, used bikes, cycling clothing, old school bikes and everything cycling related!

Here is some important information from their website!

Buy Tickets

Bike Check: Bike Denver will provide valet services for your bike or merchandise purchases at an indoor storage area. Drop off your large or small items to an attendant and continue your shopping. The bike check will be located in the front of the hall in booth #1. There is no charge for this service but donations are appreciated!

ARTCRANK brings out the best in Denver’s bike scene and creative culture.

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If there’s such thing as a pop culture power couple, Tran and Josh Wills are Denver’s leading contenders. Together, they’ve channeled their imaginations, instincts and energy into creative start-ups ranging from a fashion boutique showcasing local talent (The Fabric Lab) to a hip b&b for Denver visitors eager to depart from the beaten tourist path (Queen Anne Bed & Breakfast). They’ve also found time to open their own gallery — Super Ordinary —which will play host to the 2011 edition of ARTCRANK Denver, a poster show featuring affordable artwork created by local artists and designers.

This year’s ARTCRANK Denver will feature the work of 30 artists, with a mix of returning show veterans and new talent. The show will open on Friday, September 2 at 6:00pm at Super Ordinary, and also include a Saturday showing from noon until 6:00pm. Admission is free, and limited edition prints of all posters will be sold for $40 on both days.

Viva Streets - Denver car-free parkway Aug 14th

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Viva Streets is a one-day celebration that’s made possible when a major Denver street is returned to the people. On August 14, LiveWell Colorado and BikeDenver will transform 23rd Avenue between City Park and Stapleton into a car-free parkway for all Denverites to enjoy. The streets will be closed to cars and will come alive with walkers, bikers, runners, strollers, hoola-hoopers, dancers, paraders, musicians, healthy food purveyors and anyone wanting to play in the streets for the day. It’s a tribute to the power of our city’s streets--to get people moving, to bring neighbors together, and to strengthen Colorado’s healthy, active culture.

There will be lots of fun, healthy activities along the route, see below:


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