Friday Fun

Friday Fun - Cyclocross Blast from the Past - 1982

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Do you remember? Might be hard to read but this newspaper clipping comes from 1982 and the course is near where the CU research park is today (aka CU short track). Can't believe the course went through the Boulder Creek! For reading here is a higher resolution

For reading here is a higher resolution

Friday Fun - Onion steps in, Outtakes, and Cats on Bikes

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From the Onion

“Given the staggering body of evidence and testimony against Armstrong, we cannot advocate sanctions any more lenient than these,” ICU president Pat McQuaid said Monday at a press conference in which reporters who had covered cycling since Armstrong won his first Tour title in 1999 exchanged farewells with one another. “But while his conduct has dealt a heavy blow to cycling, we are confident that—actually, why am I even here anymore? Lance Armstrong is done and cycling is over.”


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