Biking in Boulder -- Let's keep innovating

From the Daily Camera

by Sue Prant is Advocacy Director at Community Cycles

What do we need to do get more people out of cars and feeling comfortable riding bikes? Three things: a greater culture of cycling; completion of Boulder's bike system (including multi-use trails and bike lanes); and a dedicated vision for Boulder's future that includes innovative transportation ideas.

Boulder can create a culture of cycling by embracing events like the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, cyclocross events, bike rides, and social events with a bicycling theme. Too often, new events are discouraged from coming to Boulder because of an arduous permitting process. By embracing special events of all sorts, Boulder shows its openness to new people and new ideas.

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Tax credits for

Tax credits for biking/walking/transit to work. The City of Boulder could contract with Strava to build a proprietary web-based application that monitors commuting. Also work with Garmin to purchase units and sell them at a subsidized cost to consumers.

In summary, buy a Garmin (or like) or use a unit you already have, upload your data, collect your tax credit with the city. It could be justified because the cost of paying the tax credit and maintaining the system would be offset by reduced road construction costs.

A lot of variables here and I'm not sure how it would work, just throwing out an idea I didn't really think too much about.