Ex Denver City Councilman hit by Truck on Bike to Work Day

Former Denver city councilman, Doug Linkhart, was hit on his bike by a truck on 23rd street.

From Westword

Linkhart, going straight, had the right of way over the pickup truck, which was turning left.

"The guy gets out and says it's my fault. He said, 'You gotta watch your turns.' I told him, 'I'm not turning,'" notes Linkhart, adding that he finally convinced the driver that he was in fact in the wrong.

For Linkhart, it was a sign that the city does need to do more to address safety risks for cyclists.

"We have a long ways to go to educate cars to look out for bikes," he says. "They are not looking for bikes. It's going to take awhile before Denver gets to the point of Portland and other places where bikes [and cars]...share the road peacefully."

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Cars look for bikes? I think

Cars look for bikes? I think we need to put cars in time out when they are bad. We need to educate drivers, not cars. We need to educate bicyclists about traffic laws and safety also (not saying anyone was wrong in this story, but in general to all those bicyclists giving the rest of us a bad rap).

I suppose I could create a signal receiver to put in cars to make them sound a loud noise when a bicycle is within a certain range of your car and have bikes carry a chip that transmits a signal for the car receiver to pick up. Make it mandatory for ALL bicycles and artificially powered vehicles to have them (hey, the government just forced itself on the people just a few days ago, so why not continue it). My idea. You can pay me a few million dollars for the idea and create it yourself. BRAC, you can't use those chips.......(I'll stop there - BWahahaha!!!).