Have you changed cycling disciplines in last 2 years (road -> MTB or Cross)

Yes, I have switched
I am strongly considering it
No way.
Total votes: 53

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A couple years ago people

A couple years ago people were saying XC mountain bike racing was dead on forums and message boards. Now it seems to have enjoyed resurgence and at the same time road racing participation seems to be taking a hit. CX is obviously growing as well as local scenes are blowing up everywhere. I'd like to see some evidence/ data and perhaps one of our local esteemed cycling journalists could chime-in with some context or thoughts. Some questions I have are:

Is there a shift from road to mtb, cx or are people leaving cycling, leaving bicycle racing?

Is this shift among all cyclists or more so by gender, age, region?

Why are people leaving road (if they are in fact leaving)?

Is the change due to a "Lance effect"? I’m not sure what this means so this question is up for interpretation.

Is doping causing disenchantment with road cycling? Although road racing is not alone.

Are mtb and cx races getting better? I think so.

Personally, I can only focus on one discipline per year so not to make cycling too much of a burden on my family. I've tried to do more, but something has to give when I put too much emphasis into one dimension of my life.