Valmont Bike Park 9 Ball Event

For those who fought Mother Nature last night to watch the 9 Ball Diaries or the Zero Traction Flick I'd say it was worth it, especially if you are heading to either CO State Champs this Sunday or Nationals the following week. While I doubt either movie will be nominated for any grammy awards, they are motivating movies about cyclocross racing in the US, and for those who endured last years nationals it brings back memories, some good some bad, depending on your race, but regardless of your outcome in that race if does show the extreme conditions the riders had to overcome for success. But that movie left me sad, this year I will be at nationals but not on a bike but standing on the side lines. To race again in my home state in front of friends and family would be awesome again.... but not in 08.

Good Luck to those in KC and remember to buy some Boulevard Wheat beer and bring some back on CO while there.

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