Dopers Suck, Did Tejay Win & Danielson's Guilt

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Will Dopers Suck sale out today?

Surprised anyone? What piece of information impacts you the most? Will the spot light move now to Amateur cycling and finish what matters to you most or is the whole discussion going to move on and end.

Next up, does that mean Tejay won this years USA Pro Challenge?

Lastly, words from local star, Tom Danielson on his drug use, from the Daily Camera

"Along the road to following my dream, I've had several ups and downs, but I stuck with it because I love the sport," Danielson said in the statement. "I never set out thinking I would cross a line. I set out simply wanting to compete, to race my bike and do what I love. And that is exactly what I did, clean.

Westword's Comprehensive Look at Denver Cycling

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Denver Westword magazine takes a comprehensive look at the recent growth in cycling in Denver, how the Democratic National Convention may have been a catalyst and sparked the B-Cycle program, and how the city is addressing safety through engineering and educational efforts.

Read more at Denver Westword

Pure Awesomeness: Colorado High School Mountain Bike Racing

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More Photos and Results

I must be getting old. Or premenstrual. Or peri-menopausal or just sentimental. Because when the girls roll across the finish line and they’ve done something they didn’t quite think they could do or didn’t feel like doing (because it was 45 degrees), well it’s akin to watching a magic show. I don’t quite know how or what happened out on the course all I know is that they finished and that’s enough for me. And I just about tear up every time. That’s why I really wear sunglasses. Wink wink.

Panda Bicycles Opens a New Denver Store for its Bamboo Bikes

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Photo Credit: Panda Bicycles

DENVER, CO (BRAIN) — Panda Bicycles has opened a new boutique shop in Denver dedicated to the bamboo bike brand that could be the first step in establishing a network of concept stores.

"It’s a kind of an exploratory exercise for both of us,” Panda co-founder Jacob Castillo said in reference to both his company and Panda Concept Store proprietor Angel Cruz.

Denver's Bicycle Collective closing doors and taking proposals for resources

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From Email passed on to us

Hello Friends! Hello Allies!

It’s been awhile since we’ve talked but we have some big news.

The Derailer Bicycle Collective is transitioning. We love and have loved the work that we do and the people that we work with but after 10 years of operation, we no longer have the dedicated people-power to continue our bicycle programming in Denver. We are putting out a Request For Proposals (RFP) to accept serious proposals from groups who want to use Derailer’s resources (tools/parts/materials) in the future.


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