Cameron Chambers, the winner, reports on the 2012 24 hour Championships

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Last weekend had a lot of action going on in Colorado, in addition to 2 CX races and the last road race in Colorado, we also had the USA 24 hour MTB Championships in Colorado Springs. Lots of Coloradans did well, and below the men's winner, Cameron Chambers talks about the race and his victory.

From Pikes Peak Sports

24 hour race strategy is pretty straight forward from my standpoint. You try and break all of your competitors somewhere in the 1st 6 hours and then you try and hang on and finish the ride out. I often reference the late Mike Janelle when I talk about 24 hour racing. Mike is a hero of mine and his memory is always an inspiration to live life to the fullest, by that Mike would mean “Race your heart out.” He told me once that no matter what speed you start the race at you are going to be tired 6 hours in and even more tired 12 hours in, so you might as well go hard from the start line because that is your only chance to do damage.

Results of the 24 hour MTB Race

Further coverage on USA Cycling

Buffalo Creek - Mountain Biking

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Buffalo Creek - Single Track

I like riding my bike. I ride mostly on the road because it is convenient and with limited time its what I do. I forget how much I like to ride my mountain bike and then there are days like yesterday. I took the day off work and headed down to Buffalo Creek. Buffalo Creek is due west on Hwy 285 then south at Pine Junction.

A good portion of the area has been devastated by fires. The Buffalo Creek Fire in 1996 destroyed almost 12,000 acres and the Hi Meadows Fire in 2000 destroyed over 10,000 acres.

The landscape is surreal with the burned out areas and the rock formations and the mountain biking is fantastic! The trail system features smooth, rolling singletrack and lots of variety.

I am sure on a weekend it is a little crowded but its a huge area and there are lots of trails and dirt roads to explore. The trails are fairly well marked but I would recommend printing and bringing a map

Average: Why Are We So Afraid of That Word?

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Author, Cheri Felix rides Fruita

Another weekly column from our guest writer Cheri Felix

Sometimes when I am talking about how great my three kids are I make sure to joke that although they are amazing that they are average kids. I mean this to say, yes they are clever and dedicated and excited about school but that they are normal average kids. People always laugh. Nervously. And when I talk about me and my mountain biking obsession (let’s call a spade a spade), I’m always sure to say that I’m an average mountain biker. Some people take a pause at this point. Especially if they’ve ridden with me or seen the photos on Facebook or heard me talk (endlessly) about my bike. And for some reason it’s so hard for people to hear others talk about themselves as average. Because I guess we’re all supposed to be above average or amazing or elite or fill in the blank.

When did average become such a bad word? I mean, when I talk about my weight, I like to say I’m about average in the weight department and when I talk about my looks, I use the word average too. When I describe my height, I aspire to average. I’m 5’3”. I’d also say I aspire to average when it comes to cleaning the house, flossing my teeth and keeping my car clean. And that all sounds okay but when it comes to abilities and knowledge, we all seem to want to be above average or amazing or incredible or gasp p-e-r-f-e-c-t.

Got Raw Balls? Maybe you should!

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Product Review - Simply Dara's Raw Balls are an excellent all natural, vegan, gluten free, organic and "raw food" snack for cyclists.

Nutrition has been a hot topic in the cycling community lately and there seems to be a trend towards "real foods", think Allen Lim and the Feed Zone Cookbook. There also seems to be more and more cyclists going vegan or gluten free. In that vain, we've noticed a new product out of Boulder, Simply Dara's Raw Balls, that seems to fit right in with this trend, so we thought we'd give them a try.

Panache Fleece Shorts

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If you haven't tried a pair of thermal bike shorts you are missing out. I have been using Panache Fleece Bib Shorts for a couple weeks now and they are my go to shorts when the temperature dips below 55F. I do a lot of my riding early in the morning so these have been getting a lot of ride time.

The fleece lined shorts keep your legs extra warm. If the temps dip lower, add a pair of leg warmers and you will be very comfortable.

Here are some technical specifications from the Panache web site:

  • FABRIC: 220 weight Roubiax fleece. Durable, long-wearing nylon under the chamois, compression Power Lycra on the printed panels for good looks and muscular support. Breathable, wicking poly elsewhere to regulate temps.
  • CONSTRUCITON: Nine panels let us put the right material in the right place. Absolutely no cross-seam in the chamois, making the most comfortable contact point possible.
  • CHAMOIS: High density open-cell all-way stretch foam padding with two layer X-TRACT fabric against the skin. Ultra fast drying with great breathability.
  • COMPRESSION: Studies show supported, stable muscles last longer. Rest up for the bunch kick.
  • STITCHING: Flatlock seams - smoother, stronger seams mean smoother, stronger riding.
  • TAGLESS: No tags, no chafing, no problem.
  • GRIPPER: Long-lasting, no-crack silicone for durability.
  • GRAPHICS: Digital printing means vibrant, crisp, accurate graphics. Your team designs won’t run or bleed, giving them more pop than you’ve ever seen.
  • FIT: Performance fit.

You want a pair? You can buy them online.


Illegal Speed Bump takes out south Denver Cyclist

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Update This location might not be in the city of Englewood, anyone know who's it is in?

Last Friday a cyclist was riding in Englewood in the Denver Tech Center descending a hill. Given that fall is coming on the shadows from the trees are becoming stronger and one tree was shadowing a "speed bump" leaving it nearly invisible to the cyclist resulting in them hitting the pavement at speeds around 20mph and putting them in the ER. Here is the location of the incident Interestingly enough, the city of Englewood on their website does not use speed bumps

Results of various studies have raised concerns about the potential dangers of speed bumps. Speed bumps are not recognized by the State of Colorado as an official traffic control device. Injuries caused by speed bumps may result in significant additional liability for the City. For these reasons, the City of Englewood does not use speed bumps on public streets and alleys.

Here is a second view of the speed bump view too


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