Re-defining the Commuter Bicycle

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My electric assist bike

Me: "Have you ever considered getting an electric assist bike for your commute"
Other: [With a look of displeasure]: No, never, those are bikes. I want to feel my commute"
Me: "How often to you commute by bike?"
Other:" Not often, it's too far and my place of work does not have showers"
Me: [Thinking to myself] Maybe you should consider an electric assist bike.

Mountain Biking and CrossFit. Marriage Made in Heaven.

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Author: Cheri Felix

I, like any of you have a problem. I sometimes can’t find the balance in my life. It’s bike this and bike that and I’ve been accused (rightly so) of somehow managing to use the word ‘bike’ in every conversation I have. And with that has come the physical implications of just doing one sport. All of the time.

Be seen, be safe, ride fast: LIT360

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Bike to Work Day is coming to a close. Hopefully you are feeling quite proud of yourself for riding to and from work today. Maybe you even found some new tricks of the trade to make it a little safer and enjoyable. Here's one such product that has been tested by Colorado Masters racer and commuter, Torsten (Tory) Lyon.

The Junior Athlete Triangle

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We all know that there has to be a special sort of bond between a successful athlete and a beloved coach. When the athlete is a junior, this often means expanding this relationship to a parent or a care-giver. This interview explores just that: the triangle comprised of a junior athlete, parent and coach.


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