Housewife on a Pink Bike: How Beer and a Creek Crossing got me through 15 Miles.

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I know you are probably wondering about my training regimen. How do I prepare for a 15 mile race at altitude? Well, it starts with me having a beer the night before in the Winterpark Village. The bartender asked what I was up to. I told him I was there for the Epic Singletrack race. With surprise on his face he said, “Wow. Cool.” I couldn’t tell if that was a “Wow. She’s so young and hot and she mountain bikes too?” or a “Wow. She’s older than my mom. She could break something.” Either way, I took it as a compliment. Someone else asked me if I had looked at the course ahead of time or read about it. Nah I said. This is going to be the like the three times I gave birth. No reading about it, no classes. Just show up and hope it all works out.

Somewhere between the start line and 20 feet up the trail I thought, "Why do I do this?” And then maybe around mile three I thought, “That’s it. This is my last race.” That happens sometimes. Negative Nelly shows up. I know you can’t believe that happens to this Pollyanna. But it’s true and rather than give you a bunch of bull crap about how every minute was amazing and beautiful and glorious, I will cut to the chase. It wasn’t. Some parts were really tough. And it wasn’t until about mile five or maybe it was the first creek crossing; I pulled my head out of my ass. Going through the creek with all my might was what Oprah calls my AHA moment.

The 2012 Comcast Colorado-Eagle River Ride is Booming

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The Vail Valley is a stopping point for many cycling events throughout the summer, but every July nearly 900 cyclists take to the roads for the area's biggest local bike tour.

The annual Comcast Colorado-Eagle River Ride has been the premiere local cycling event for the Vail Valley for 11 years and this year race organizers are expecting to draw nearly 1,000 riders. The ride loops from Beaver Creek Ski Resort out along the scenic banks of the Colorado and Eagle Rivers and includes the famous and fun, hard-packed dirt portion of the Colorado River Road. There are multiple routes to suit each rider’s ability including a 100 mile, 68 mile and 42 mile. Many participants appreciate that the ride raises money for a Colorado-based youth development nonprofit called SOS Outreach, that gets at-risk youth outdoors through sports. Last year they raised nearly $50,000 for the cause.

“The route is unbelievable beautiful," said one rider. "The support is amazing, the volunteers are the absolute friendliest, and the other riders are courteous, fun and out for a good time. Each aid station feels like a moving party of reconnecting friends, neighbors running into each other, and people meeting for the first time.Its a great way to give back.”

The Comcast Colorado-Eagle River Ride will take place July 28 this year. If you are interested in registering or need more information please visit our website or call 970.926.9292.

Two Colorado Women Join the Reve Amateur Women’s Team to Ride Entire 2012 TDF Route

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In what is sure to be a groundbreaking moment for women’s cycling, a team of six amateur women, ranging in age from 26 to 40, will take on the ultimate road cycling challenge, riding the entire 2012 Tour de France route, one day ahead of the men’s pro peloton. Starting in Liège these six women, including two mothers, will complete the entire 2,162 miles of the 2012 Tour de France and will arrive in Paris on the 21st of July.

These women have been training for months and even met in Portland in April and Santa Rosa in May for team training camps.

Photo Credit: HardCastle Photography
Kristen (left) and Kate together in Boulder

Why are they doing this? In part to prove to themselves, other female cyclists, and women thinking about taking up the sport, that any bicycle dream is possible. They also hope to raise $60,000 for Bikes Belong, a non-profit cycling advocacy organization dedicated to putting more people on bikes more often.

The Reve team also has a Colorado connection. Two of its member are from the 303 area.

Kristen Peterson describes herself as a Pro Triathlete, Molecular Biologist and Bike Nerd. By day, she works at the University of Colorado in a microbiology lab. In college Kristen was a division I swimmer. After her triathlon career, Kristen plans to return to school for a PhD in order to become a Genetics Professor. Kristen recently wrote about her thoughts leading up to the big ride on her website:

Ok, I am. I confess, I’m really freaking excited to get this Reve show on the road. The work has been done, the legs have been trained, the brain has been prepared. Now let’s do this shit.

Kate Powlison aka “Muddy Legs” is a Research Analyst and Communications Co-ordinator for Bikes Belong in Boulder and is also an accomplished elite racer. Kate has a passion for cycling and loves to promote bicycles as an agent of change in America. Kate recently planned and completed the 500-mile Tim Johnson Ride on Washington as a warm up for the 2,162 miles of the Tour de France in July.

Kate was recently interviewed by
Girl Bike Love
about her upcoming ride:

“That’s the thing, we are ordinary women” she started. “When they first said ‘ok’ to me joining the team, I wanted to say no… because of the stress of training, being off of work and away from home.”
“But my grandma and my mom… they don’t ride bikes and they are so excited. From their reaction I realized I could inspire the mainstream. To see their faces light up…” she turned her eyes up and shook her head...

Read more about the Reve Team.

Colorado Bike to Work Day lives on in spite of Smoke & Heat

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This year's Bike to Work Day in Colorado lost a little luster when compared to last year's recorded number of 23,000 participates with this year so far showing a little over 17,000. For some smoke and heat along with their attention was more on the Colorado fires than biking.

Local Media Coverage

- Denver Post
- Daily Camera

It’s Not About the Bike. It’s About the Epic Singletrack Race: How a Housewife Plans to Survive 15 Miles of Racing.

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I have this thing. I sometimes complain. But one thing I won’t complain about is a long bike ride. Some of my best days on the bike have been 15+ mile days (hey, that’s a lot for mountain bikers). But it’s one thing to be on a ride with your best girl pals in the desert. It’s a whole other enchilada racing for 15 miles and at altitude to boot. And as the days creep closer to the Epic Singletrack race, I can’t help but think, “What was I thinking when I agreed to do this?”

Author, Cheri Felix rides Fruita
Cheri will be taking on race #2 at the Epic Singletrack race series this upcoming Saturday in Winter Park.

40 minutes, 8 miles and 20 minute short track races. This is it. This is my race experience. If I was creating a match dot com profile for mountain bike racing, it would read pretty poorly. All I might garner are guys who like girls on the margins. The peripheral girl. Not quite a virgin but definitely not experienced. That’s me. The girl who is much like the old Sesame Street skit where there is one thing that’s not like the other.

It’s not that I don’t belong on a mountain bike or even in a race. It’s that I never quite seem like I’m in the right place. It’s like I’m in middle school all over again and I can’t seem to find my group. I’m not super cool. I’m not techy. I don’t wear a kit. My bike is older. Gasp, it’s NOT a 29er. And my bike is pink. I know what you’re thinking. “Really? Pink?” When I bought it, my husband said, “This bike is all pink. Are you able to commit to that for the long term?” I guess I was.


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