Digital eye candy from Rabbit Mtn TT

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Wonderful professional pictures for your pleasure. If you raced Rabbit Mtn TT then you very likely might be in this large set of photos and If you haven't thought about buying professional photos then you should unless your wife/husband/girlfriend/cougar/parent is very good with a camera which most aren't.

2009 Haystack TT Race Photos

Big weekend in Fort Collins -- Nationals!

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This weekend Fort Collins will be hosting Collegiate National road Championships. According to Fort Collins Cycling Festival's Calendar today is day 1 allowing course pre-riding. The Race Bible (5megs in size) tells everything! CX Nationals race bible doesn't even come close to the amount of information this race is providing! This could make for an exciting weekend of spectating in Fort Collins and it appears that they have at least to some degree "rolled out the red carpet" for this event. For those interested this is the road race course.

In addition to the racing this weekend in FTC Saturday there will also be a community rides of different lengths and purpose. Check out their site for more details and understanding of these rides.

Helpful Resources for Nationals

Boulder Cyclist involved in Road Rage incident with gun

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From the ColoradoDaily website....

BOULDER, Colo. — A roadside argument over a passing maneuver led a Lafayette driver to pull a handgun on a cyclist Monday afternoon, according to the Boulder County Sheriff's Office.

Roy Ragas, 52, was arrested Monday night on suspicion of felony menacing in the incident.

Cmdr. Rick Brough said Ragas is suspected of passing another vehicle in the eastbound lanes of Baseline Road near 75th Street, and coming within three or four feet of a man riding a bicycle on the westbound shoulder of Baseline.

Brough said the rider, Mark Copeland, 44, of Boulder, "motioned for Roy to move over to the side of the road."

After the driver passed the vehicle and the cyclist, Brough said, he turned around and drove next to the cyclist. A verbal argument broke out, and Ragas pulled out a handgun.

"The bicyclist is saying (Ragas) brandished a firearm and made some threats toward him," Brough said.

Ragas claims the cyclist spit at him, Brough said.

Officers were sent to Ragas' house in Lafayette Monday night on a search warrant. It wasn't immediately clear Tuesday whether a handgun was recovered, Brough said, but Ragas was arrested and booked into the Boulder County Jail.

Community Cycles award winning programs

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Recently Community Cyles of Boulder won the Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Business award late last year. To win this award Businesses are graded on Education, Engineering, Encouragement and Evaluation and in the case of Community Cycles their efforts in the Bike-to_Work, Earn-a-bike program and their local bike friendly business program. They are 1 of 2 businesses in Boulder to have been awarded, (Cateye of North America has Gold status)

Recently we caught up with Josh at Community Cycles and was friendly enough to spend 30 minutes giving me a tour of their facility and answering my questions and in short they are amazing. Nearly every time I pass by their facility there are lots of folks there working on bikes. Here are some of the programs Community Cycles has for the community

Earn a Bike

Valmont Clean up day May 9th

The soon-to-be Valmont Bike Park is gearing up for construction by having a Park Clean up day May 9th. The job is pretty simple and you will have the opportunity to meet many like minded cyclist while doing it. Register today for this event, they need 60 volunteers so don't wait!

Here is what they are needing done in their own words..

Time to begin site prep for the Valmont Bike Park! We hope to begin construction over the summer, but first work needs to be done this spring. We will meet at the site at 2pm, Saturday May 9th, to get the ball rolling on construction. The site has been neglected for years - there are downed fences, windblown debris, and invasive weeds that need to be removed. We are partnering with BMA for this Valmont Bike Park work day, but we also need your help. BMA work days are rewarding and a good chance to meet other like minded members of the community, so pitch in, it is cool to help out.


1984 Lookout Mountain Results

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The last story on The old days of cycling and Lookout Mtn has inspired a reader to scan and send me the 1984 Lookout Mountain Hill climb results!! Look through the list and you will see some familiar names, Jeff Hartmann, Nico Toutenhoufd, Thomas Prehn, etc. Lots of history here in Colorado cycling.

1984 Lookout mtn results

Memorial Day Omnium

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There have been some rumors about an omnium over Memorial Day Weekend but it looks like those rumors are true. I saw this on twitter yesterday. I have not seen any details on the time trail cousrse but it looks like it will be part of the Morgul Bismark course. Saturday will be the Louisville criterium which I belive will be the Rocky Mounts criterium course but I am not sure. Sunday will be the Koppenberg.

Old days of cycling (not that old though)

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A reader sent this story in to us today, which is about bikes and their cost years ago along with the feel of the older vs. the newer frames. Interesting about the timing of this article was yesterday's Lookout Mountain Hill Climb Results, interesting because as far as I could see in the ACA database, 2002 was the earliest recording of time and there the 2002 times were for both men and women way faster yesterday's times. Maybe the weather held folks back, maybe the timing with other big races like Gila keep big players away, either way interesting data.

I found this add for race frames in an old 1984 "The Colorado Bicyclist"
news letter:
Colnago $370, Olmo $275, Rossin $ 410, Gios $ 450, Merckx $450.

I recall buying a silver Merckx (I think the frame was called "corsa")
fully equipped with Campy Supper Record for about $1200.00. I think the cog
set was a seven. We would typically own a bunch of different size cogs and
match a gear set to the race. For a mountain race, where we needed a 12 and
a 23, we of course had some real undesirable gaps. However, we felt really
advanced compared to those “olden day’s” five cog sets.

So that was then the cost of a top of the line race bike. Compare that to


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