Boulder Sheriff reverses opinion on new bill

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Apparently lawmakers have clarified incorrect understanding that Sheriff Pelle had. I'm glad to hear that because in my experience our Sheriff (which has been so for sometime I believe) has been very tolerant of cyclist, many times he could have cracked down on some questionable group rides but did not. A few years ago he even sent other officers on bike rides with folks to try to cut back on aggression toward cyclists.

2009 Junior Road Camp

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If you have children that are interested in bike race take a look at the following press release.

The American Cycling Association Presents
The 2009 Junior Road Camp

The American Cycling Association Junior Camps are all about fun. Designed to encourage health, friendship, and character development through cycling, the camps offer kids between 8 and 18 years of age and opportunity to spend a weekend that they will remember for a lifetime.

Boulder Sheriff makes negative comments on new Bike Bill

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Sheriff Alderdern is probably happy as can be to hear that the Boulder Sheriff has concerns that the new bill makes cyclist immune to prosecution. In the Daily Camera article today Pelle is quoted,

"On the county's open highways, he said, cyclists would not be required to use the special shoulders added specifically to separate riders from traffic."


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