Future of Mountain Biking in the Front Range?

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Found this interesting article on how freeriding might become the future of MTB. Here are some quotes from the article..

"Freeriding is also accessible. With the US and Canada seeing increasing urbanization (and suburbanization) it’s becoming more and more difficult to site and build large scale mountain bike trail networks. Freeride courses, on the other hand, can be much more compact since stunts can be combined in different ways each time around the course. Freeride stunts can even be found indoors at places like Rays Indoor MTB Park and kids who live in cities can use urban or trials rides to hone freeriding skills."

Yes, that is true, even with the ever powerful IMBA and BMA Boulder still has to fight HARD to get more trail access however finding spots like the CU Research Park are popping up more often(east boulder, gunbarrel, Denver, etc). The Boulder Velodrome just recently opened up their mountain bike terrain section. The Valmont Park IS getting built and then there is a rumored Denver Mountain Bike Park

ACA Newsletter... no more Racing Express

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Today the ACA sent out their first "ACA News Mail". For those who do not check their email as often as you do this site, here is what they had to say...

Welcome to the first ACA News Mail of 2009. These informational e-mails will replace the “Racing Express” in 2009. Plan on bi-weekly e-mails when there is little to be shared and weekly emails during the peak of the racing season. In this edition:

-Membership renewals
-KHMTT Series registration
-Club Insurance
-2009 BAR/BAT
-Upcoming races


If you have not renewed your membership by mail, please do so. Our online license sales will be delayed until May at the earliest. You can find a membership application here on the ACA website. This is last reminder for 2008 license holders to renew. The next News Mail will only be sent to 2009 members.

KHMTT Series Registration

Colorado Cycling Calendar for March updated

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Just updated the Colorado Cycling Calendar for March. Most of the changes and updates where related to the changes int he Collegiate Schedules. Please send us updates or changes. Also notice that that over 20 new events have been added in the past weeks thanks to our readers! Keep on sending in the race anoucements!

Boulder man creates lighting system after brothers death.

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An ray of light has come from a tragic story of a brothers death. Shah Nia's brother was killed near Golden/Lakewood last May. Out of his grief for his brother, Shah was determined to create a better lighting system for cyclist. The Daily Camera has the story along with a picture of the lighting system.


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