Certain Death if Entered Trail has open house meeting Jan 14th

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The ever popular (and currently illegal to ride) trail that runs along the canal from Lyons to Boulder Rez is hosting it's first open house Jan 14th at the Boulder County Parks & Open Space Department 5201 St. Vrain Road, Longmont. This is the trail with large yellow signs noting of "Certain death if entered", the entrance to the trail is along the north of the Boulder Rez where the canal feeds into the lake. The trail is a 13 mile trail that cuts through some pretty North Boulder county land. The plan in 09 is the complete their master plan...

Winter Bike to Work Day January 21

Come join Community Cycles in this years Winter Bike to Work Day January 21. Breakfast will be served at 3 stations in Boulder. For those who don't commute once it gets cold out you might find out how easy commuting in the winter can be... that is if mother nature is kind. Contrary to what you think, snow is not the worst thing that could happen on the 21st... wind. The Boulder Parks and Rec do a great job at getting the trails cleared after a snow but that still means you need to be careful in the shaded spots and corners but there is little anyone can do if we have 50-60 mph wind gusts. Another problem is logistics... many in the summer bike to work ride normal day cloths but this will be very unlikely unless your commute is under 3 miles... which then I ask why aren't you commuting already? Take your day cloths to work the day before and maybe have some extra cycling cloths in case the day starts out great but goes south. As a winter commuter in Colorado you always have to keep your eye on the forecast.

Boulder Velodrome Grand Opening this Saturday

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Jan 3 the Boulder Velodrome will host their grand opening from 2-8pm. There will be beers on hand and riders on course. Even if you don't plan on riding the track stop by, its quite fun to watch those guys burn it up on the track while having a beer. What better way to warm up after watching or racing the cross race in lyons

Review of cycling events in Colorado for 2008

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1. Boulder gets a velodrome
2. The ACA successfully completes its first year under new leadership. Many feared it would fail and USA cycling would take over.
3. Valmont Bike Park officially is a go!
4. Boulder Cup returned to amazing weather and great racing
5. 6 cycling fatalities, 2 Boulder, 1 Golden and 1 Colorado Spring and 2 Fort Collins


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