Putting on a race

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Does that send chills down your spine? I've done a lot in cycling but this is one of the most fearful items of my cycling todo's on my list. Recently, Whitney Debroux talks of his process to get a race organized in Prospect near Longmount. He thought it might be easy but so far its not been. Then you have a different problem of promoting which is what Chris Grealish of DBCevents.com has which is cost and PR. Yes, he loves cycling but he wants to make some money. And if it isn't cost that is getting to him it's the PR aspect of the part of promoting, remember last year when the womens field started a boycott of the Boulder Roubaix because of the field categories?

It's not a easy task, you have government on one side, $$$ on the other, rider complaits on another, area residents, mother nature, ACA, volunteers, insurance, etc.....

I would love to hear others peoples insight on how hard/easy putting on a race might be, maybe this will help break the ice and get more folks involved in race promoting!

Found this piece on Collegiate Events (poor result posting)

Getting Parents to ride to school with their kids

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I need your help. I'm on a team at my son's elementary school at Heatherwood Elementary and our goal is to find ways to get more kids (parents) to ride to school for a week in late April. I say parents because I my opinion it is the parents that put up the road blocks to having their kids ride to school... to dangerous Joey, to far Sarah, Sorry Fred but we are running late, it takes to much time....

We will be giving away food to the parents (looking for donations) and prizes to the kids (more donations still seeking), to help encourage them but I'm not sure some parents will budge even at that.

I reviewed the results of a recent survey done asking parents whey they don't ride more to school with their child and I was SHOCKED to see that the number 1 reason was crossing 75th street (between Jay and Lookout). I've hung out at a few cross walks recently on that road and do not feel that the road is dangerous for PARENTS with children to cross but might be if Joey, the 3rd grader, was alone.

So, many questions here...
1. Parents say the road is dangerous, and I assume it is because THEY choose NOT to ride with their children, how do I encourage them to ride with them?

2. Maybe parents think cycling themselves across 75th is dangerous, how can they feel safer?

Asphalt or dirt, what will be your choice this weekend?

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CultCross is putting on what I believe is Colorado's first ever CX Spring race this weekend in both Eagle and Gypsum. I think it is great to have cross in the Spring but given it is in the mountains I'm thinking they are doing this one a little early but hey, I bet the conditions will be better than Nationals were this year!!!!

Miller Time at the ACA season opener

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Meredith Miller won the womens field and Kevin Nicol took the mens field. I heard that there was a strong wind out there but the course did not hold up to its name being the temps were mostly above freezing... mostly.

Full results. Notice that the results come in HTML or Excel... nice if you are a number cruncher.... easy to find out with the xls how many men were crushed by Miller!

Maybe no Stazio but there is still racing going on!

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Wondering what to do this weekend with no Stazio? Walk around the malls, join the Boulder critical mass or race at DU?. Every year many forget about the great "other" races that take place in the spring time. Usually the fields for these events are small but with no ACA racing crit racing going on then maybe you should check it out!


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