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Who are these athletes who can't commit to one sport?

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By now you have probably heard that we have launched 303triathlon.com and now you can get to know who are these people who cycle, run and swim but can never commit to one single sport in the Wednesday column by Lucas McCain called Who Dat? as he interviews local triathletes and gets to the core of who these people are. This week we highlight Whitney Garcia!

This Wednesday's Who Dat is neo-pro Whitney Garcia. We wanted to feature Whitney because she embodies many professional and top end age group triathletes in that she excels in triathlon while juggling a career that demands over 40 hours of work from her each week. Whitney works full time as an Exercise Specialist at Frasier Meadows Retirement Community in Boulder. She also maintains a few other weekly gigs including cleaning houses.

In 2011 Whitney finished 3rd overall at Ironman Wisconsin and Kansas 70.3. She added another top 5 finish at Boulder 70.3 and a personal record 9:40 at Ironman Arizona.

How long have you been doing triathlon, and how often have you raced?

Boulder Closes Valmont Bike Park

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Parks and Recreation Department requests public cooperation in staying off Valmont Bike Park trails to prevent additional damage

The Parks and Recreation Department has closed Valmont Bike Park due to poor trail conditions, and is asking for public cooperation to stay off Valmont Bike Park trails to prevent further damage. Recent running, snowboarding, sledding, dog walking and biking on the trails have caused excessive damage to not only the top surfacing material, but to the base layer as well. The maintenance required to repair this damage is costly and time-consuming and will extend the re-opening date of the park due to the extra surfacing maintenance work.

"Our staff is evaluating trail and feature surfacing daily to determine if any areas of the bike park can be opened, and we will notify the public once those areas open," said Kirk Kincannon, Parks and Recreation Department director. "However, due to moisture deep in the soil and surfacing material, no areas of the park will be opened within the next few days."

Coffee Talk - Increasing Exposure for Professional Women's Cycling

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Women's cycling has grown in the past 10 years right? I see and know more women cyclists now than ever before and rides like Venus de Miles and area women's only-ish cycling clubs seem to be exploding around the Front Range but the 2012 Pro Cycling Challenge will not be entertaining a women's field like in the days of the Red Zinger or HP International Cycling Challenge... elite level women's cycling is not matching this growth. The co-founder of Cervelo has an interesting suggestion for raising exposure for women's cycling, Make it mandatory for every WorldTour race to also organize a women’s race. Also on the same article, a commenter going by the name of "Connie" (hey, I think I know a famous cycling Connie) explains the history of women's cycling at the Red Zinger and death of it at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

Gauging from comments we got from a similar topic a few months ago on Measuring the Growth of Cycling, many comments stated that it was not role models that drove their passion for cycling but good venues and support from the cycling community. But we ARE influenced by role models, so it begs the question, how do women cycling role models influence our community?

Interview with CyclePassion Models... not the pin-up vid

Cycling Book Suggestions

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Looking for some good cycling book suggestions. Please provide the name a a brief reason why you like it in the comments below. I'll tally them all up in a article soon with my own huge cycling library suggestions

Summarizing and categorizing a little

History Books
- **** Hearts of Lions Best book explaining the history of American Cycling, especially track cycling
- **** Major Taylor - Before there was Jackie Robinson there was Major Taylor, amazing cyclist having to conquer amazing social injustices

Fun & Light reads
- **** Bobke and Bobke II Best ab workout while reading a book. You'll laugh non-stop!
- *** Greg Moody's fictional series. There are 4 I think, somewhat mystery style book and some are Colorado based
- ** Yellow Jersey. Someone in the comments liked this... for me it was just TOO fictional. Could not believe the story was possible... but a good read

- **** The Art of Cycling by Robert F. My 2nd favorite book in my entire library!!!! (Hearts of Lions is 1st) Other commenter liked this book.. It is a must for every commuter but really beyond that, every cyclists should read it.

Tom Danielson tells of his tour tale.

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From the Daily Camera

Tom Danielson wasn't necessarily expecting a top-10 placement in the Tour de France.
"I said to my wife, 'This is kind of a crazy experience for me,'" Danielson said. "I really would like to have taken my first Tour de France as sort of a learning experience, and just work for the team, just be there, not have any pressure and just do the best I could. Really just learn to race, because I knew it was going to be different than any other race."


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