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Wines of the Tour de France

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At 303Cycling we suspect that many cyclists enjoy their wine as much as we do. We caught up with Trent Shaoul of Ace Liquors in Boulder to discuss their promotion for "Wines of the Tour de France" for 2010. He and one of his importers, David Bond, gave us the scoop on some great wines that correspond to some exciting stages this year:

[303Cycling] Stage 7, Sat July 10th, will go thru the Beaujolais region. Cyclists and spectators can expect 6 categorized climbs - Three category 2s, two category 3s and a 4 to ensure there is no flat terrain. You can cheer on your favorite because it's anybody's stage. And what else can we expect from Beaujolais?
The Beaujolais region looks much like Burgundy; rolling hills, medieval villages, and thousands of vineyards and small producers. Being a little further south than Burgundy, the cuisine is a little lighter, better for the warmer climate and the fruitier wines. In terms of cuisine, its still the French classics (red meats, game, lamb) but more of an emphasis on grilled meats, lighter vegetable dishes and a lot of pork sausage. Some of the more famous local dishes are boiled or grilled sausage dishes (diot). The Beaujolais region is great for watching the tour. A bottle of Beaujolais, some sunshine and a nice picnic of local cheeses, salads, fruits and cured meats (dry salami, ham, etc..) is perfect for waiting for the riders to show up.

  • Cave de Quincié Beaujolais 2009

Centurion the next revolution in American Cycling?

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The very first Colorado Centurion is a little over a month away and already the starting list is pretty big. A few months ago we interviewed Centurion Cycling, worth reading to get a general understanding of what this is all about.

Think it's a tour, well maybe, a race, sort of. If it's a tour then it is one of the most stacked tour fields I've every seen (see for your self), but the field is big enough that I'm doubt this will feel like any race I've ever done. Here is how Centurion Cycling defines whether it is a race or a ride

Is Centurion Cycling a race or a ride?

The short answer is both. It’s up to you to decide how you ride. We’ll position riders who want to race at the front of our giant peloton, with those who are just riding to finish further back. Either way, your official time starts when you — and the provided timing chip attached to your bike’s fork — cross the start line. Think of it like the New York City Marathon. Some competitors are there to win (or at least beat all their buddies). Others just want to line up in a prestigious event, ride with friends and set a personal best time. Or maybe you’re simply riding for the satisfaction of saying, “I did it! I rode 100 miles!” It’s totally up to you.

The Routes

25 Mile Route

Police look for cyclist with shaved legs!

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This just in... not a joke...

From Daily Camera

Boulder police are looking for a man suspected of robbing a coffee shop at 4:35 p.m. Sunday.

Someone at the coffee shop in the 2600 block of Broadway called police after an employee confronted the suspect in the manager's office, according to Boulder police. The suspect fled the store out a back door and rode west on Alpine Avenue on a red full-suspension mountain bike, police said.

Friday Fun -- Pueblo's trails, gravel projects and more

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Pueblo's mountain biking trails popularity have exploded this year. From those I've talked to the reasons are Pueblo is closer than those cool trails on the other side of Colorado and they are almost never muddy. Here, take a look

Cycling Videos on CyclingDirt

A Saturday with Community Cycles

From Elephant Journal story

Recycle Wednesday

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It's recycle Wednesday since some stories are worth recycling.

Next month is Boulder/Denver's Walk and Bike to work month so help spread the word, tell your friends, co-workers and even fellow cyclist to put down the car keys for at least once a week and ride their bikes to where ever they would have gone with a car. This month long events isn't going to change the world but is a few steps in the right direction!

The Morgual Bismark Bike Race is returning to the Front Range this memorial weekend. What a perfect time to with all these atheletes in town host a great bike race not will not only be exciting for the racers who participate in it but for spectators to reconnect with the sport and for kids to get see what might be the rebirth of a great event...

ACA Women's Mentoring Program - Racer Interview

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After the Wheels of Thunder race last Saturday we reached out to women cyclists and Lori Emerson was kind enough to answer and share her experience with 303Cycling. We asked her a few questions and here are her answers.

[303Cycling] How did you get into cycling and how did you make the jump to racing?
[Lori] I long wanted to get into cycling - nothing matches the feeling of freedom you get from riding a bike. I started out by buying touring bikes with my husband about eight years ago and I just used mine to take long bike rides around Grand Island and Buffalo, NY. In my mind, I was training for a mythical bike tour across the US that we wanted to take.

I then moved to Atlanta, GA and decided that I would try triathlon, partly to stay fit and partly to meet people. I did a couple triathlons on the touring bike, all the while knowing that that I just wanted to save up some money, buy a road bike, and focus my energies on cycling.


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