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What Your Lady Really Wants for Valentine’s Day.

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Author: Cheri Felix

Happy almost Valentine’s Day. I know it’s not until next week but I know you are dying to know what women want on this oh so holy of holidays. (Read: sarcasm) Now, for the purposes of this article let’s lay out some ground rules. I will refer to all women, girls, girlfriends, wives, domestic partners, lady friends and my all time favorite, lover as LADIES. Secondly, not everyone is like me. So I’d like to indemnify myself right now. Let’s pretend for my own sense of utopia that they are. Meaning, I know your lady might be different but let’s assume she’s not.

Extinction is not an option - State's Longest-running triathlon SAVED

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Original Post from 303triathlon.com

In these days of Road races and tours disappearing as permits become more expensive and challenging to get it is nice to see the people stand up and work to find solutions to keeping them alive.

From the Longmont Times-Call:
Longmont City Council votes unanimously to save Triathlon

The Longmont Triathlon will return for 2014.

Women's Wednesday - Training 101: Novice Style

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Author: Cheri Felix

So if you’re like me you don’t have someone who follows you on a scooter carrying your nutrition. Nor do you have a coach or anyone who checks your oxygen levels. And I’m bettin’ that you don’t use words like “recovery days” and repeats and intervals. Most of us just ride our bike and wouldn’t call it training. We’re just doing what we love.


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