Open Forum - Why are so many getting hurt at Valmont Bike Park?

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Valmont Bike Park is for many different types of cyclist, this came apparent the first time I arrived there. There are some great features for kids, families and features for those who oppose gravity. Some of the park was not for me, but I'm not complaining, it is so great to see so many out on bikes, regardless of their reason for arriving. What did concern me was the apparent lack of personal risk management.

Where is Boulder's BRA?

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I think Boulder has lost its BRA or maybe they never had a BRA. Those who follow cycling news, especially that of recent events on West TSA access have to take a moment and reflect on the power of BMA. Whether the BMA wins or not the West TSA access issue it shows the power of a tightly knitted mountain biking community! So where is BRA (Boulder Road biking Association)?

Thank You Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance

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Below is a "Letter to the Editor" in today's Daily Camera, the summary of it is that Mountain Bikers have too much control of the existing open space trails and that is why 1B was so close in the elections... And this is why we should take a moment to thank Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance! They deserve a credit for having 84% of our open space trails open to cyclist, for helping the city get what will be the Worlds best Bike Park. For hosting great events like great cycling movies at the Boulder Theater and continuing to get more trails built like the recently opened Mayhoffer Singletree Trail trail. And lastly, they did lobby strongly to get 1B passed so even if you don't have a mountain bike (although many of the trails can be ridden on about any type of bike) lets say Thank You BMA!

Now who has the back of all the road cyclist in Boulder County? Bicycle Colorado does a little but they must cover the entire state's needs so while a great organization they cannot dedicate all their resources like BMA can.

The BBC slams Boulder

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The BBC recently slammed Boulderites claiming they The people of Boulder are just as wedded to their cars as they are anywhere else in America.

They are right and they are wrong.

They are wrong because places in middle America don't even come CLOSE to having an infrastructure to support cycling like Boulder or Denver has. The lack of urban decay and the infrastructure to support citizens to get around bike bike creates an environment making cycling a no brainer in this town. There are also many who have elected (through concious choice not because of $$) to go Car-less. And on any given weekend day you will be hard bound to find a place on some of Boulder's roads to NOT see a cyclist.

Do you think the BBC is right?

Great Cycling Books for the off season

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In the off season I like to catch up on all of the great cycling publications for the previous year. I have a pretty massive library of cycling books which I will share my top 5 books below. Yesterday I reached out to our Twitter followers and asked Looking for some good new cycling books for this winter, got any recommendations?. I got quite few response and a few asked to publish what results I do get. Here is what you all recommended

20th, The new first place

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Another Reader submitted entry by Chris B.

Colorado racing is some of the hardest racing in the country and IMO Colorado 35+ is probably the most bad ass set of riders in the country so sometimes for the working man just making the break is the win, hear Chris B's side of the story...

Cross season is upon us and much to my disappointment the 35+-3’s category is not there. Like a lot of riders I did well in the 4’s and moved up only to be introduced to the back of the bus. After 2 seasons of being beaten down in the 3’s I openly embraced the 35+-3’s as the saving grace to my racing season. I find myself in that no mans land where I don’t want to train like you need to for the 3’s and can’t go back to the 4’s. I’m over 35 and have family and interest outside of cycling that occupy my time as well. With no cat 35+-3’s for Cross this year and the 3’s going off too late for those who have other obligations (family, the list your wife has you working on, soccer games, etc.. ) 35+ Open is the only option. I predict that 35+ Open will expand this year to include the “Baby Boomers” of cycling. I have not been racing for 20 years, don’t have gobs of natural talent or the ability to fake my way to a top 5 in this category, I’m not alone. Once you clear out the “elite” in the 35+ Open, likely the top 20, you get to the “Other” group of which I’m a proud member. If you see me out there this season sprinting it out for 20th place you’ll know that I’m going for the “Win”.


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