New trailhead in Lyons could increase sexual predators!

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Recently there was a meeting in Lyons to decide on the fate of a trail head in Lyons for the much anticipated Picture Rock Trail but the vote has been delayed by Lyon's trustees as they rethink the deal. Here are some of their concerns....

"Lyons Trustees criticized the site, saying it would cause congestion in the surrounding neighborhood and threaten students with traffic and potential sexual predators that might be inclined to go “on a stakeout.”

Patellar Tendinitis

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Saturday I was barely able to complete a simple, easy 2 hour ride because of an extreme pain in my knee. Even though my legs are about as straight as the Missoura river I've never had any problems with them... until then. When anyone in my family gets sick we consult Dr. Koop's Self Care Advisor but that book was not going to tackle something as unique as a cyclist knees so then I turned to Andy Pruitt's Complete Medical Guide for cyclist

I'm no doctor but with the help of this book it appears that I might have Patellar Tendinitis.


Pain in the front of the knee, below the patella, when you pedal or walk upstairs.... You may also experience pain when you merely touch the tendon...


  • Hard Sprinting
  • climbing in a big gear
  • Off the bike Activities
  • Combination of all the above (this is my assumed cause)


  • Ice it 3-4 times a day

Your kid is fat

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The the Daily Camera's Fit section today they had a depressing stat that says...

179% INCREASE in number of OVERWEIGHT adolescents from 1971 to 2004

So there is a good chance your kid is fat or the one you are practicing trying to get is going to be fatter.

And at the same time I'm finding it extremely hard for local biz to donate to my son's "Walk and Roll" to school week!

The I randomly ran across this blog and which was about bikes and coaster brakes, bla bla but the opening paragraph was great!

Cyclist and teenagers have a lot in common

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A few years ago I had a German exchange student living with me for a year. He was great but boy did he have a lot of energy and there would be times when he was driving me crazy because he had so much unspent energy and my wife would tell me it was "time to run the collie". So I'd go outside and throw the football, play basketball, whatever it took to get him to calm down....

Training Camps

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It's that time of year where teams start migrating in the reverse direction of the geese looking for warming temps, dry roads and some sun. Here in Colorado most teams select close by areas such as Moab, Fruita, Santa Fe and Albuquerque. My team this year is shooting for Albuquerque and we are not alone, many pro teams have selected Albuquerque as their spring training spot, however one spot I never would have considered but might have if I lived in say Chicago is the Alabama Cycling Camp.

Tyler Hamilton rides with us mortals

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Local cat 1 rider, Whitey DeBroux tells about how Tyler Hamilton will be riding domestic in 08. Tyler has had is black mark in the media and courts for his suspension for blood doping but whether you believe it or not it is great to see that after all of that noise in his career HE STUCK to it! Some will say he should have ended his career years ago and go out like a champion but I want to know is how do those "champions" quit so easily, especially those riders who receive suspensions and quit?


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