Surviving the Winter as a Cyclist

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I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation lately. It’s a tough time of year for cyclists. Here in Colorado we’re stuck in the middle of a stupidly cold spell that’s kept most of us inside on the trainer for days in a row. My races seem so far off in the future, and getting on the trainer again feels equivalent to beating the crap out of my soul with a pillowcase full of soap (yes, that’s a Step Brothers reference).

Inspired Training Center of Denver welcomes you!

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It's "Training Tuesday", folks. We've recently heard from Andy Pruitt (Boulder Center for Sports Med.) up north, and from Coach Brian Friend, down south (Parker), so today we're focusing on central Denver. Right smack dab in the heart of Bannock Crit territory to The Inspired Training Center.

6 Inspiring Adventure Films that Will Keep You Going on the Trainer

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by Gloria Liu

We’re having a nice break from the cold in Colorado right now, but unless you’re lucky and can get out in the middle of the day, you’re probably still logging a good amount of trainer time during the winter. Nobody likes riding indoors, but you can make it a little more enjoyable with a good movie.

Metered Power: Chris Baddick and his Breakthrough Season

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When Chris Baddick started racing mountain bikes professionally in 2011, nobody knew who he was - as far as they were concerned, he was “just some guy in a random kit” getting some top 10 finishes. He was not so anonymous this year. The 25-year old Boulder transplant from Devon, UK has had a breakthrough season in 2013 racing for The Gear Movement and CU.

Cold Weather Disaster Rides

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"Springtime in the Rockies" can be a funny phrase here, in Colorado. Ride conditions are anyone's guess.
In Colorado this can happen quite suddenly.
1. You are fully prepared for the weather.
2. You are not quite prepared for a weather change.
3. You are FULLY unprepared. Almost ridiculously so.
For comments, we'd love to hear about YOUR disaster rides. How does our 303 audience brave the elements on the bike?

Former pros, local Boulder legends Holicky & Henderson return to Maui as amateurs

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You may know these guys. Maybe from their days as XTERRA pros in the early 2000's. Or their current roles as high-end coaches to world-class athletes like Cam Dye, Christine Jennings, Flora Duffy, and Taylor Phinney. Or maybe you just enjoy their snarky feed on twitter (@apexcoaching). Today they are in the news not for their professional aspirations, but a little bit of friendly rivalry that has brought them to XTERRA World Championships in Maui, where they will both be competing as amateurs on Sunday . . .

Women's Wednesday - Training 101: Novice Style

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Author: Cheri Felix

So if you’re like me you don’t have someone who follows you on a scooter carrying your nutrition. Nor do you have a coach or anyone who checks your oxygen levels. And I’m bettin’ that you don’t use words like “recovery days” and repeats and intervals. Most of us just ride our bike and wouldn’t call it training. We’re just doing what we love.


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