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City of Boulder - Driven to Drive Less

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The City of Boulder recently sent out an RFP - "Driven to Drive Less." The goals of which are "to stimulate long term travel behavior change in participants and to creatively demonstrate to the general public the ability of Boulder residents to live car free or car lite."

While you should read the RFP for yourself, here are some of the examples given to perspective marketing firms:

A possibility that City Staff has considered for this task includes a city wide casting call for participants modeled after popular reality shows like “Survivor” or the “Greatest Job in the World,"

As the CDOT Scope of Work indicates, possibilities presented by City Staff include paying a nominal amount of cash to participants each day, giving more significant grand prizes for “winners” from each tier, or providing gifts/discounts from sponsors for participating or completing special “game show” type challenges.

Colorado Town to host Memorial Day Weekend Bike Race and Wellness Festival

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Be Superior – Grow – Flourish!

Colorado Town to host Memorial Day Weekend Bike Race and Wellness Festival

You are invited to the Superior Morgul Classic Weekend in the Town of Superior, Colorado this Memorial Day weekend--May 28, 29 and 30--for a three day bike race event including street sprints, a criterium and circuit road race, along with a host of other activities sure to please the entire family. The weekend will culminate on Sunday with the Morgul-Bismarck Bicycle Race, Awards Ceremony and concert.

303Cycling talks to Centurion Cycling

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Follow up to a press release made a few months ago on planned centurion events in Boulder
Recently 303Cycling caught up with Jason Sumner at Centurion Cycling about the events this summer. Stay tuned to 303cycling as they release more information on their event next week and also if you are interested in doing the event then check out some training plans that Boulder Sport Medicine coach, Neal as prepared for the event

[303Cycling] Is a centurion the "spork" of cycling events? It's not a race, it's not typical century ride, how would you describe it?

[Jason] I really like this analogy. Put another way, we like to think of ourselves akin to the New York City Marathon of cycling. Thousands of people line up, but many have distinctly different goals. Racers race. Riders ride. Everyone has fun.

Most riders at the front of our events will be serious amateur racers. They have a racing license. They’re on a club team. They train 10-15 hours a week, and they’ll be racing to win, or at least do well in their age-group category (we are only doing age group categories, not traditional Cat. 1, 2, 3 etc. Your entry covers insurance.)

A little further back in the field will be the serious cycling enthusiast. They probably ride a lot, but don’t consider themselves racers. Their goals are more self-centered, they want to do the best time they can do, but are less concerned with those around them — save beating a buddy or two.

Further back is the charity ride graduate. They’ve done their share of non-competitive 100-milers, and are now looking for a greater challenge, with a larger group dynamic. Instead of the start when you feel like it M.O., they want to experience riding in a large group, 2000-3000 people. Instead of just finishing, they want to know what their time was (and how their friends did), and then try to improve on it in the coming years. This is in part why all our event distances are standardized. Whether it's Centurion Colorado, Wisconsin or Canada, each event has a 25-mile race/ride on Saturday, and 50 and 100-mile events run concurrently on Sunday. That allows competitors to compare times event to event, and year to year, and strive for improvement.

Finally furthest back on the road are those people somewhat new to cycling, who are simply riding to have fun and finish their Centurion Cycling event. They’ll ride with friends, take their time at the aid stations, and just like a first-time marathon runner, be extremely proud simply to have finished. They are attracted to an event such as ours because of the professional management, spectacular courses, controlled roads, and weekend long festival and expo. And that’s the real beauty of Centurion Cycling events. They truly do offer something for every kind of cyclist.

[303Cycling] route, I don't see a map of the route on your website, has the route been defined and approved by the local and state officials yet?

Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Alternatives

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Did you miss the registration or not sure if you made it in to the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race? Don't worry you won't have to miss out on your Colorado vacation or an epic Colorado mountain bike race. There are a number of other great options that are just as tough if not more difficult than the Leadville 100. Here is out list:

Golden Bike Park

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*** Updated 2/17/2010 *** Via Twitter
thanks for the support... Golden Bike Park proposal gets approval from Parks & Rec board, now on to City Council!
about 8 hours ago from web
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*** Updated 2/12/2010 *** Presentation

The Golden Colorado Bike Park that we reported on awhile back is moving into motion. Here is some news that has been floating around the last few days...

Golden Bike Park: Need your help!!!


The rumors and plans are becoming reality! The Golden Bike Park is very close with final plans with approvals coming up quickly. The Golden Bike Park development Team needs your assistance on a few matters; and its only a quick email away:

The Golden Bike Park is meant to appeal to everyone. We are planning to have several elements that include:
-Gravity fed flow trail
-Gravity fed jump trail
-pump tracks (2 initially, one for smaller kids and one for bigger kids (adults))
-cyclo-cross / XC loop
-DH skill trails
-drop zone
-Dirt Jumps
-progression & obstacle elements trail

County creates sub group to focus on outreach and education

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As spring time is just around the corner and large group rides are in full Boulder County is moving quickly to make progress on the Lefthand Canyon tension problem. Problems with group rides are already happening so I suspect the next time we report on this story it will be with information from the Sheriff's department. Here is what we received from the county.

In December, the Working Group created a set of recommendations, which was recently presented to the Board of County Commissioners, for what can be improved upon in the canyon roads. (I have included that set of final recommendations here. It is also at our website at:

In addition, a sub group for an outreach and education group has formed. Given that much of the recommendations presented by the working group focused on physical improvements and signage issues, this sub group works to address outreach goals for implementation by May 1. The goals of this sub group are to lower the tensions in the canyon areas between all user groups to create a less stressful and safer road network.

ACA announces their 2010 racing Calendar - UPDATED

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Now that the ACA Senior Awards party is behind us the 2010 ACA Calendar is published. Feb 6 is the first race! Below are some of the highlights of the ACA calendar but remember there are way more cycling events than this calendar shows, be sure to check out the Colorado Cycling Calendar for a complete listing

2010 ACA Calendar Highlights

- Spring time crits are back but not at Stazio (roads closed) so DBCEvents has moved them to Niwot running a figure 8 course.

- Koppenberg returns to spring Don't hold your breath, trying to run the Koppenberg in Springtime has been a huge challenge by the promotor in the past but very sweet if Mother Nature doesn't f it up.

- All the classics are back plus Memorial weekend racing. Boulder Roubaix, Lookout Mtn, City Park, North Boulder and Deer Trail are back but also the Morgul Bismark comes back on Memorial weekend... no more driving to Durango or Iowa for good Memorial weekend racing!

- Front Range Mountain Bike Series We don't have many details but it appears to be running once a month starting in April!! Finally, some Front Range MTB racing! Will this spark the return of MTB racing?

- 217 Days of a racing season Closing off the season season once again on September 11 is copper crit. That is 217 days from the Frostbite TT to this final race!

Bicycle Colorado Teams up with State Patrol

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Spring is coming and that means the wind and the big group rides. The majority of the group rides out there are ethical but there are a few that do more than cross the line. Bicycle Colorado is doing their part to educate riders and motorist on the law... with the law as Scott Christoher rides with the Colorado State Patrol. In addition to riders they are also looking for motorist who create dangerous situations for cyclist.

Scott Christopher, Bicycle Colorado outreach manager, recently joined Master Trooper Shannon Schwanke for a day patrolling Colorado roads. Trooper Schwanke said that he does stop bicyclists, usually to offer education on obeying traffic laws.

"I focus on unsafe situations that could put the bicyclist at risk," said Schwanke. Most enforcement during the ride-along involved speeding by motorists and expired vehicle registrations. Bicyclists observed during the day were following the rules of the road.

Schwanke has two key messages for the bicycle community: 1) Bicyclists can be ticketed for traffic violations; 2) The best reaction to aggressive motorists is to report the license plate number to the Aggressive Driver Hotline (dial *CSP on your cell phone for Colorado State Patrol).


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