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Coffee Talk Tuesday - We are the 1%

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Originally I had no plans of a Tuesday Coffee Talk until I read the Letters to the Editor in the Daily Camera about Cyclist's reckless behavior. But it wasn't about the behavior of the cyclists that concerned me, we all know there are bad apples out there, some intentionally stupid and some cluelessly stupid because they never learned how to drive a bike in traffic. No it was this sense of how outsiders or new residents to this area view cyclists, probably outsiders who live in a community where probably the only cyclists ever seen are those forced to ride because of excessive DUI's.

From the Daily Camera
I am new to working in the Boulder area. In my few months that I have commuted in and around the city of Boulder I have experienced a side to bicyclists that I never knew existed. Everything from rude comments to reckless behavior on the roads.

I can handle the rude comments but I find the reckless behavior to be unacceptable. I feel bicyclists need to have identification numbers worn on their bicycles or on their backs so they can clearly be identified.

I feel this would make the bicyclist more responsible for their actions and result in less traffic-related injuries for bicyclists. It's a win-win situation in my opinion.

If bicyclists expect to be treated like vehicles and have the rights of a moving vehicle in traffic, they clearly need to be playing by the same rules as everyone else. How did this culture of the bicyclist come to be?

I'm not sure where this person recently came from, maybe as close as the city of Westminster who just got their first bike lane or maybe from Jacksonville Florida. Either way they are probably in for a shock when they come to our bike-loving community. How did our bike culture come to be you ask, out of dedication, progressive vision and insight that alternatives to the majority is out there and is fun! Personally having lived and biked in places other than the 303 area I know what it is like, these attitudes are the 99% of the country and our area is the 1%. Every time you throw your leg over your bike remember how great we have it here and how unfortunate and ignorant the other 99% of the USA is. We are representatives to the other 99% so please try to use this right consciously but more importantly, keep on using that right and keep riding!

What outsider views have you heard from others when they visit our area, with lots upcoming visitors for the holidays, I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot of opinions from the 99%?

Message from Yvonne at ACA on licenses

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From the ACA

There seems to be some confusion about what riders/clubs need to do now that ACA has become the local association for USAC. Since the club council needs to approve the ACA budget and fee schedule at the Dec 14th meeting, I can’t give you specifics about that. I can, however, explain what you and your team members need to do to get licensed for the 2012 season.

Your club needs to become a USAC club.

- If you are not a current USAC club you will need to download the club form
- If you are a current USAC club, you can renew online.

Either way, your club should sign up with USAC before your club members apply for their license. If your club is not a 2012 club when a rider applies for their license, they will be listed as Unattached. If that person wants to get a new license with the club name on it, the person will need to apply for a new license and pay an additional $15. Clubs can join USAC now for the 2012 season.

Your current 2011 ACA license is valid through the remainder of the ACA CX season. You do not need a 2011 USAC license for the remaining events on our calendar, including ACA CX Championships.

Tuesday Coffee Talk - Has Boulder Open Space gone too far?

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Today Open Space officials announced they are going to crack down on illegal parking at trail heads and will be confiscating mountain bikes when riders are caught riding on trails not allowed for cyclists.

Full article at the Daily Camera

"The open space board has talked in the past about fines in general, and one of the issues that got us considering it was the overflow of parking along Eldorado Springs Drive at Doudy Draw and South Mesa trailheads," said Allyn Feinberg, an open space trustee.

Feinberg said the popular trailheads are often overflowing with vehicles on the weekends, with cars illegally parked along the road.

The Crusher is Back for 2012

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We first talked about The Crusher in the June. Looks like its back for 2012!

Swindlehurst's 'Crusher' Back For Second Helping

Salt Lake City – One of the year's most unique on- and off-road cycling events – the "Crusher in the Tushar" – will return in 2012 with the Beaver County Travel Council as a new title sponsor.

Recently-retired road and mountain bike professional and race promoter Burke Swindlehurst also announced the point-to-point race from Beaver, Utah, across one of Utah's highest roads to the ski resort at Eagle Point, will keep its mid-July date. The 69-mile race is scheduled for Saturday, July 14.

Last year's inaugural edition attracted nearly 200 road, mountain and cyclocross riders of all abilities from 17 states and Canada. An impressive line-up of professional riders included Olympian Clara Hughes – who won the pro/open women's division – along with pro mountain bike legend David "Tinker" Juarez, three-time U.S. national cyclocross champion Tim Johnson, and pro roadies Jeff Louder, Paul Mach and men's division winner Tyler Wren.

Guest Opinion: Mountain bikes are welcome in Boulder

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Interesting guest opinion in todays Daily Camera.

By Michael F. Browning

This is written in response to Jason Vogel's recent guest commentary (Camera, Nov. 10) regarding the City Council's decision not to open Anemone Hill to mountain bikes. The premise of the article is that the city has not been fair to mountain bikers and that they have been treated unjustly.

This premise is not supported by the facts. The city spent in excess of $7 million acquiring and developing the new Valmont Mountain Bike Park that opened this summer, and that costs a $150,000 a year to maintain. The vast majority of the new trails constructed in the city's open space in recent years have been opened to mountain bikes. The city is working on acquiring and constructing a connector trail for mountain bikes from Eldorado Springs to the extensive mountain bike trail system at Walker Ranch, and from Boulder Canyon up Chapman Drive to Flagstaff Mountain, at the costs of additional millions of dollars. The council also re-affirmed its commitment to engaging with county, state, and private landowners to find additional links from the city to surrounding mountain bike trail systems.

Boulder DA: Christopher Loven to be Charged in Lefthand Cyclist Death

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Dump truck driver faces charge of careless driving resulting in death

The driver of a dump truck who struck and killed a cyclist in Lefthand Canyon in June will be charged with careless driving resulting in death, a misdemeanor, Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett said Friday.

Christopher G. Loven was driving a Kenworth W900 dump truck hauling a trailer with construction equipment west on Lefthand Canyon Drive on June 17 when he turned left to go south on Olde Stage Road and collided with Eugene "Phil" Howrey, 73, of Boulder.

Howrey was thrown 39 feet and died at the scene.

A Colorado State Patrol investigation into the fatal accident had languished -- along with nearly two dozen other probes into crashes that resulted in death or serious injury -- due to a backlog in District 6, which includes Boulder and Broomfield counties.

Complete Story

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Keep The Mead Roubaix Alive for 2012

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It looks like the Mead Roubaix is in jeopardy of not happening for 2012. Here is an email I saw earlier this week.

The Mead Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the Town of Mead is soliciting letters of interest, including event resume/experience to conduct a road race on April 21, 2012. Some background:

The Mead Chamber in cooperation with the Town of Mead and under the direction of Chris Grealish, of DBC Events, successfully conducted the Mead Roubaix in April , 2011. The event drew over 600 participants. The Chamber is interested in hosting a road racing event in 2012 and has reserved the tentative date of April 21 on the 2012 ACA road racing calendar. DBC has decided to “pass the baton” to another promoter and the Chamber is soliciting the interest of others to conduct the 2012 event. Chris is acting as our advisor.

The cooperation of the Town in the 2011 event included the active participation of various town departments, from the Town Manager’s assistance in the organization of the event, to the Public Works crews grading dirt portions of the course, sweeping paved streets, providing cones, assisting in street closures, etc.


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