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Proposed connector trail from downtown Boulder

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From the Daily Camera

There is a huge pdf file attached to the Daily Camera's story that gives enormous amounts of details to the proposal. At least a 2 cocktail/2 hour read.

Boulder open space officials are calling for a new configuration to two planned pedestrian and equestrian loops on Anemone Hill, as well as a new connector trail for mountain bikes that would link Settlers' Park to Fourmile Canyon Drive.

New Bike Lanes in Centennial

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Bike Lanes in Centennial

The City of Centennial recently completed construction of 18 miles of new on-street bike lanes with striping and signage throughout the City. This project is part of a city-wide biking network connecting parks, schools, and existing trails. The use and restrictions of bike lanes is currently governed by the official signage and markings placed along the roadway. The City has placed and will continue to maintain traffic control devices such as directional signage on its streets and highways to regulate, warn, or guide traffic conforming to the Model of Traffic Code (MTC) and the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

There are many safety rules to follow when driving or riding in Centennial. A few safety measures to keep in mind are:
• Bicycles do ride in the right-hand most lane of traffic, or in designated bicycle lanes; when being overtaken by another vehicle they should ride as close to the ride-hand side of the road as practical.

• Parking was generally not changed as a result of the bike lane program this year. If a parking lane is striped between the curb and bike lane, do park in it. If there is no parking lane between the curb and bike lane, do not park in the bike lane. Do not park in any area that is signed for No Parking or is in a travel lane along a street.

High School MTB - Salida advances, Boulder High remains in lead

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Garret Gerchar, Boulder HIgh, leads the JV boys field on lap 2.
Michael Dessau, Boulder High, Maxx Chance, Fairview and
Grant Ellwood, Boulder High are looking for an opportunity.
Photo by Carrie Dittmer

ELBERT, Colo. — The third race of the 2011 Colorado High School Cycling League on October 16 at the Peaceful Valley Scout camp included 242 student athletes from 30 teams. The easy-going atmosphere in the team pits was contrasted with spirited competition out on the race course, from the Freshman girls and boys through the Varsity events.

The Colorado League director, Kate Rau, said, "Another exciting weekend of racing! The camaraderie and friendly competition we see at these events continues to solidify the Colorado League community, I am so proud to be part of this. And of course it is a delight to return to this exceptional Elbert venue."

Dry, windy conditions met the riders, but the sky was a perfect blue, and the 5.4-mile course that rolled through the prairies and ponderosas on the 3,300-acre camp made for some classic Colorado mountain bike racing.

For example, the Junior Varsity Girls' race featured a tight battle. Kelsay Lundberg of Salida took the lead at the start, then was caught late in the first lap by McCauley Smith of Boulder. Lundberg retook the lead for good on the climbs of the second and final lap.

Coffee Talk - Learn to Drive your bike vs. Learning Cursive writing

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Today's coffee talk looks at the importance of children learning how to drive a bike. Coffee talk discussion gives me the chance to rank and you a chance to fire back with your 2 or 4 cents.

So how has cursive writing improved your quality of life? Has this skill made you healthier, live longer, give you more energy? What about cycling, it's probably has given you more energy and made you healthier and chances are if you use this resource correctly you might even live longer. Are you agreeing with me so far? Every year elementary children learn cursive writing spending hours learning how to make each letter correctly and with their pencil (no quail pens, the reason cursive was used). Yet very few schools spend the time teaching their kids the life skill of how to drive a bike.

Boulder Valley School district does just that with their BLAST Program. Teaching the children how to drive their bikes is a life skill that can lead to healthy transportation options and doing it safely.

Everyone reading this was probably taught how to write cursive writing but very few of us ever learned how to drive our bikes and no place is this more apparent then if you visit any college campus as you witness cyclists really unaware of how to operate a bicycle safely. For me it wasn't until about a little over 5 years ago I learned this concept yet I had been cycling for over a decade before that. Sure they know who to ride the bike, they have the whole balance thing down along with shifting gears but knowing how to ride a bike in traffic is foreign and scary.

So maybe it is time we take school resources and dedicate them towards healthily life skills. What do you think, Is learning to drive a bike more important than cursive writing?

City of Boulder and University of Colorado hosting “Designing Streets for Living” workshop

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Date: Wednesday, 19 October
Time: 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Place: Old Main Chapel and Heritage Center Museum; CU Boulder campus

From BikePed eNewsletter

Community members interested in learning more about innovations and ideas for transforming streets into public places are invited to attend a free Streets Reconsidered(re:Streets) workshop from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 19, at the Old Main
Chapel and Heritage Center Museum on the University of Colorado (CU) Boulder campus. The workshop is sponsored by the City of Boulder, in partnership with CU. It is funded by the re:Streets grant program and the National Endowment For the Arts.

Heather Irmiger wins 1st gold at Pan Am

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Photo Supplied by Heather Irmiger

GUADALAJARA, Mexico -- The United States quickly moved to the top of the medals table at the Pan American Games on Saturday, with Heather Irmiger winning the competition's first gold in the women's cross-country mountain bike race.

A few hours later, Jeremiah Bishop added a bronze in the men's event.

"It's fantastic to win the first medal for the United States," Irmiger said.

There are nine more gold medals to be won on the first day of competition in Guadalajara, including five in the swimming pool.

Irmiger took the lead from the first lap on the 24.8-kilometer mountain bike circuit, winning in 1 hour, 34 minutes, 9 seconds. Laura Lorenza Morfin of Mexico took silver in 1:35:54 and Amanda Sin of Canada was third in 1:37:14.

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Swobo Under New Owners - Moves to Fort Collins

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Fort Collins is home to a new bicycle company called Swobo that offers bicycles, apparel and accessories.

Swobo, owned by California bicycle company, Santa Cruz, has relocated to Fort Collins and is in the process of re-launching the business under a new company called Fort Collins Bicycle Co.

Santa Cruz, whose primary focus is now mountain bikes, will have no direct involvement with FCBC and Swobo as it launches locally.


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