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Friday Fun - The power of a Bike Bell and a cat 4's dream ride

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This is how you can deal with slow people on the mall, the power of a bike bell is endless!

Next one comes from a reader, looks like a cat 4's dream ride in their first crit, espeically if they are in the back of the field caught in that yo-yo effect. The Flywheel Bike

Countdown to the final top Colorado Cycling stories in 2011

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Here are the final top 5 cycling stories of 2011, see the first 5 top Colorado Cycling stories

5 - Road Rage near Golden caught on film This is something I think nearly every cyclist has dreamed of. In this case the idiots did not know that Paul was packing, that is 2 HD cameras on both front and back of his bike. This video did end in a prosecution. Others pointed out the slippery slop of personal liberties. Will make for an interesting next 10 years.


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