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Dual Slalom. I Could've Been a Contender

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Author: Cheri Felix

I think I'm like every one else. I like to try new things. As long as it's not false eyelashes or strapless dresses or that weird adhesive tape that holds up your breasts. Other than that I think I'm pretty open to new things. Oops. Forgot one thing I'm NOT open to. I'll let you ponder that one. So when CU Cycling said "Hey let's do dual slalom instead of short track!" I said "Sure! Sounds like fun!"

The Junior Athlete Triangle

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We all know that there has to be a special sort of bond between a successful athlete and a beloved coach. When the athlete is a junior, this often means expanding this relationship to a parent or a care-giver. This interview explores just that: the triangle comprised of a junior athlete, parent and coach.


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