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Who is Sarai Snyder of Girl Bike Love?

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I first heard of Sarai Snyder through social media--twitter mostly. @Girlbikelove and @Cyclofemme. Here was a definite force for change and empowerment regarding women's cycling at all levels. Not just racing. When I finally met her in person, I was pleased to know that she was just as genuine, and intelligent as I thought she'd be. I've known Sarai for about a year now. She's that positive, thoughtful, strong female presence that floats through the air here in Colorado and drifts far beyond, reaching female cyclists around the world. Sarai says it best in this article from Tim Jackson:

"The Revolution is not about quicker shifting, cleaner cable routing, lighter, stronger, faster bikes, wheels, shoes or helmets. The revolution is not a product, the revolution is women in cycling."

Women's Wednesday - Body Image: Personal Account of Love and Acceptance

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From 303triathlon.com

Great article from Longmont resident, multi-sport athlete and elite cyclist, Becky Furuta.

My body and I have a long history. It’s a story of loyalty and betrayal, of adventures and near misses, of love and, yes, loathing. We’ve been together for 34 years and, during that time, my body has let me down more than once. . .


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