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Nationwide Athlete of the Month: Adam Rachubinski

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If you've been to a cross race or a BRAC meeting, you've seen Adam Rachubinski (Alpha Bicycle Company). And though his facial hair may vary from month to month, his dedication to the cycling community here in Colorado remains steady. Congratulations, Adam for being chosen as the Nationwide Athlete of the month!

Katie Compton in "Real Life"

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Watching a professional cyclist race is poetry in motion (anyone catch last night's CrossVegas races?). Sometimes it seems that these racers aren't even human (perhaps some of them aren't--I have my suspicions). Here's an interview we scored with Katie Compton that shows the more human-side of a professional athlete. Go get em' this year, Katie.

George Thomas interviews Allen Lim and more

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Race Across America solo women's champion Janice Sheufelt, solo RAAM competitor PJ Lingley and Race Across the West 2 x relay team Pactimo/FOURdot Racing were just a few of those who competed using mainly Skratch and meals made from "The Feed Zone" and "Feed Zone Portables" cookbooks. They are joined this evening by the creator of Skratch and co-author of the above mentinoed cookbooks Dr. Allen Lim for a discussion of nutrition for endurance events.

Grab the West Elk Bicycle Classic by the Horns

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The West Elk Bicycle Classic first caught my eye on facebook. I'll admit: I'm a sucker for a good logo. However, this 134 mile ride (from Gunnison to Crested Butte) is more than just a pretty face. Read what a few of your fellow Colorado cyclists have to say about it.

BikeDenver and "The Bicycle TRIBE".

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Molly North (BikeDenver) is a breath of fresh cycling air. Not only does she know what it takes to make a major city "bike-friendly" but she also has really cute bangs and rides in heels. She wants you to join The Tribe and Bike to Work tomorrow...and the day after that and the day after that and the...

The Junior Athlete Triangle

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We all know that there has to be a special sort of bond between a successful athlete and a beloved coach. When the athlete is a junior, this often means expanding this relationship to a parent or a care-giver. This interview explores just that: the triangle comprised of a junior athlete, parent and coach.

The Official Low-down on our Race Officials

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Photo: courtesy of Connor Livingston often delves into the racer's head. Today, instead of talking to/about the racers themselves, this article will speak from an entirely different sub-set of individuals from our community...the racing officials. Join us as we interview some of our favorite Referees/Judges from the Colorado cycling scene.


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