Tour de Cure Tuesday: I like a good challenge.

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As the Tour de Cure approaches (August 16th), we continue to highlight individuals within the cycling community who are living with Diabetes. This week's installment of "Tour de Cure Tuesday" comes from Becky Furuta (Team Novo Nordisk) who answers the question: "What does it mean to race with diabetes?"

Bike MS Colorado: from the eyes of a volunteer.

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Volunteering at races and events is a hot topic right now. Sacrificing your ride/race to support "the greater good" is sometimes hard to do. Having a personal connection can often be a strong motivator. Nicole Drummer (a regular contributing editor to did just this, with Bike MS Colorado.

Century What? Surviving 100miles of Elephant Rock the newbie way

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Thinking about doing a tour this summer and have never done one before, listen to how one person endured her first 100 century and lived to talk about it! If you haven't found a charity ride to do with you and your friends this summer please consider joining our Tour de Cure Team.


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