Tuesday Coffee Talk - Time to move from Anger to Laugher.

Oprah's interview with Lance was the tipping point in our war with doping IMO. I also believe that the remaining fallout from this interview and culture now is just funny and comical (unless you were directly affected). Now Colorado Springs resident, Chris Carmichael is coming into the spotlight. Does that make you angry? I feel elation, I envision the citizens pouring from out of their houses standing on 1980's era cars waving flags, chatting, yelling and random weapons fire. How does this video below make you feel?

So as VeloNews continues to expose the culture our beloved sport had, lets not hate upon Neal Rodgers for his work but laugh, because doping isn't how YOU are going to compete on the bike moving forward and you will no longer turn a blind eye... the doping bully has left the building, we are back in control.

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