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(Elite) "women's racing in Colorado just stepped back 5-10 years"

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Elite Women’s cycling is taking a backseat as some might say or an early wake up call-up given the new 2013 BRAC racing schedule. This year unlike any year known to the most racers in Colorado or most place in the USA, Elite women go over 7 hours before the Elite men.

5 Mountain Biking Tips for Girls (and everyone else).

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Mountain biking is amazing and don’t let this rainy weather fool you. There is plenty of good riding to be had before we hang up our mountain bikes. If you are new to mountain biking it’s going to get hard before it gets easier. And then once it gets easier, it’s going to get harder again.

Women's Wednesday - Book Review: Fit & Healthy Pregnancy

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There are a lot of books on the market about how to stay in shape or get back into shape when having a baby. And having gone through it three times I’ve got to be honest with you, it’s not all unicorns and hearts and flowers.
Read more about the book

Women's Wednesday - Women and Racing Part II: Why I Race.

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I thought a lot this summer about why I race. I’ve thought about why more women don’t race and what we can do to get more women racing. I’ve thought and I’ve pondered and I’ve questioned and I’ve asked people what they thought. I guess it’s time for me to tell you why I race.

Women's Wednesday - Fort Collins hosts Women’s Grand Prix: A Pro Challenge For The Women

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On August 24th the USA Pro Challenge Stage 6 finishes in Fort Collins. Just one stop on a gruelling, 7-day stage race, for men only. Yet, just just hours before, the top professional male cyclists come racing towards the Fort Collins finish line, some of the top professional female cyclists will be racing on the same streets, in the first annual Fort Follies Grand Prix.
Consider it a double feature.


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